How To Move A Trampoline Without Taking It Apart (Proper Step by Step Guide for 2023)

Don’t know how to move a trampoline without taking it apart? Then there is no need to hide your face because you’re not alone among most of trampoline lovers even I wasn’t aware about that but now I’m here to tell you how you can move a trampoline without taking it apart.

If you are having a trampoline at your home, using it either as a source of fun for your kids or as a source of doing exercise for adults in your family, you need to relocate it from time to time.

A trampoline is relocated for sure if you are shifting from home but there are other reasons too, you have to do the assembling and the disassembling process from time to time. You need to protect it from weather and move it to the indoor location before winter and autumn.

Another reason to relocate your trampoline can be the backyard renovation.

You are maybe thinking to give a new look to your garden or backyard in which some other place is suitable for the trampoline to move without taking it apart.

If you ask me then according to my experience, trampolines placed at a single time for a long period of time tend to grow molds beneath them.

Though this can motivate you to move the trampoline to some other point and hence allowing you to clean the molds and bring your backyard a better look and for that moving a trampoline is a lot easier than taking it apart.

The assembling and disassembling of a trampoline take a handsome amount if you are doing it by getting the help of professionals.

Actually, small-sized trampolines are easy to relocate for sure but the relocation process of a large trampoline too can be made easy if you know some of the techniques about the right way to relocate the trampoline without disassembling it.

Things to consider before moving a Trampoline without taking it apart:

You need to do arrangements according to the size of the trampoline. A mini trampoline is lighter in weight and hence can be easily moved from one place to another by a single man.

On the other hand, large trampolines are heavy in weight and hence it is difficult to relocate them. You may need help from others among friends or family to relocate them easily.

Wrong handling of large trampolines during the relocation process can bring serious injury.

It is always better to check the condition of different trampoline parts before the relocation process gets started. Then you can decide about some method to be used according to the situation.

Picking the right techniques depends upon whether you are planning to relocate it at a short distance or you are moving your trampoline to a place that is at a large distance from the existing one.

So, How to Move a Trampoline without Taking It Apart to Short Distance:

Hmm, How To Move A Trampoline Without Taking It Apart; Well, if a trampoline is being relocated from one location to the new location in the backyard or at any other distance which is short then you can pick any of the tricks discussed below:

By Sliding the Trampoline to Move It:

A trampoline can be moved at a short distance by siding it. You can use this method when you are planning to move your trampoline within the lawn or the garden. The trampoline getting moved by the sliding process is a cost-effective method.

If you are considering sliding to relocate the trampoline by sliding then apply lubricant (like WD40) under the legs of the trampoline. Doing so will help you to slide the trampoline easily.

The trampoline can slide easily if the grass is small and the surface is smooth. In case of having high grass, cut it with the help of a lawnmower and bring it to the minimum level.  Do not forget to remove the enclosure net from the trampoline before sliding it.

If your trampoline is heavy in size then it will be difficult for you to slide it by yourself, hence it is recommended to ask for someone else’s help. Lubricant may damage the lawn grass, it is recommended to use a small amount of oil on your trampoline legs. The lawn will get recovered over some interval of time.

By Sliding the Trampoline to Move It:

By Manual Lifting of Trampoline to Move It:

Manual lifting of the trampoline is a method that saves both time and money. This is the method to relocate your trampoline in which you do not need to deal with the trampoline mess. However, you need to have a strong body structure to do the lifting process.

Remove the enclosure net and poles from the trampoline. You can do the lifting method on your own if the trampoline is not heavy in weight. All you need to do is to go under your trampoline, position yourself at the center of the trampoline, and then lift the trampoline up by using your back. Now raise the trampoline upside and put it on the desired paper.

It can be highly dangerous to lift up the trampoline if it is heavy. You can get a serious injury if you try to uplift a heavy trampoline and it falls on you. Ask help from 3 or 4 people among your friend circle or family to lift the trampoline and put it from one place to some new place.

Each individual should position himself at an equal distance from the other. After getting the proper position, everyone should lift up the trampoline at a time, and this way you can relocate your trampoline at a short distance from the present location.

By Manual Lifting of Trampoline to Move It:

By Rolling the Trampoline:

Rolling the trampoline can be an effective way for the relocation process for mini-trampolines. This method especially works for the case of the trampoline that has a round shape or an oval shape.

You need to free your trampoline from the enclosure net and trampoline poles before starting the rolling process. Take care about not applying high pressure on the legs of your trampoline while rolling it in your backyard and doing so can damage or bend the legs.

Using Wheel Method to Move a Trampoline:

To move the trampoline from one section of your home to another section you can use wheels. It is a very convenient method for the relocation of the trampoline.

Trampoline wheels come in many sizes and shapes. Some manufacturers provide wheels as a part of the trampoline kit. However, one can purchase them otherwise from any store easily by spending some dollars on them.

The wheels must be bought in accordance with the shape of the trampoline legs as some wheels do not support U-shaped or W-shaped trampoline legs.

Wheels can be installed easily with the trampoline legs without using any special tool. After attaching the wheels, an adult can easily move the trampoline and relocate it. Furniture-moving wheels too can be used to relocate the trampoline.

Using Wheel Method to Move a Trampoline:

Using DIY Wheels:

You can create some wheels to be attached to your trampoline that will make it quite easy for you to relocate your trampoline. DIY wheels save a handsome amount of money but the difficulty type of the method is not easy, it is rather of medium type.

You need one or two wheels, a metal rod, nuts, and bolts to make the trampoline wheel. Next, cut and bent the metal rod. Weld these parts to make the handle and proper structure of the trampoline wheel and get ready trampoline wheel frame. Install the wheel with the frame prepared and weld the retaining brackets.

The trampoline wheel is ready to get attached with the trampoline frame and move the trampoline to the new location at a short distance.

Moving A Trampoline without Taking It Apart to a Long Distance:

You are maybe changing your house and planning to have your trampoline with yourself. In such a situation, the trampoline is desired to be relocated at a long distance.

Using Truck to Move a Trampoline:

A simple method to relocate a trampoline is using a truck. Choose a tuck that has enough space to carry your trampoline easily. Sometimes it is better to remove the enclosure net, trampoline poles, and two or three trampoline legs from the trampoline. It is always more secure to tie the trampoline with the vehicle by using some string.

Using Truck to Move a Trampoline:

Using Trailer to Move a Trampoline:

A large trailer can be another resource to shift the trampoline to a distant place. The trailer should be chosen in such a way that the width of it matches the size of the trampoline. The trampoline is needed to lift up and placed in the trailer. It is always better to use ratchet strings of good quality to secure the trampoline with the trailer.

The driving speed of the trailer must be moderate to avoid any kind of damage to the trampoline. You should also consider the weather while carrying the trampoline as strong winds can damage the trampoline in the trailer.

By Hiring professional moving service:

Hiring a professional moving service is the safest option to relocate your trampoline to a farther place. You can get the service from the manufacturers of your trampoline as some of them are offering the service. However, in case the manufacturers are not providing such a service then you can hire professionals from the trampoline location service.

The cost of the service depends upon the size of the trampoline, the size of the vehicle, and also the distance for which you want them to carry your trampoline for you.

By Hiring professional moving service:

FAQs on How to Move a Trampoline without Taking It Apart:

Are trampolines easy to take apart?

Taking apart any trampoline is the exact opposite of the installation process. But disassembling a trampoline is easier than assembling process. However, you need to completely understand disassembling process as a DIY task otherwise the trampoline can get damaged.

Can I transport a trampoline without taking it apart?

Yes, it is possible for you to transport your trampoline from one place to another without taking it apart. The method that you should choose for the relocation process depends upon whether you are moving it to a nearby place or to someplace that is at a farther point from the current position of the trampoline.

How do you move a trampoline by yourself?

The answer to the question depends upon two factors. The first one is the size of the trampoline that you want to move by yourself and the other important point is the distance for which you are trying to move your trampoline.

You can move your trampoline by yourself if it is either a mini trampoline or a small-sized trampoline simply by using the method of manual lifting. However, you cannot lift up a heavy trampoline by yourself.

Another effective way to move the trampoline from one place to another without getting help from anyone else is to use wheels for the relocation process. You only need to attach the wheels under the trampoline legs and then you can easily relocate it by yourself without caring about the size or the weight of the trampoline.

Can a trampoline fit in a car?

Smaller trampolines (with sizes 8 ft to 10 ft) can fit in a car. You need to disassemble the trampoline and pack them into the packages or boxes to fit them in the car. This way you can relocate your trampoline easily to some point farther away from the current location of the trampoline.

Conclusion – How To Move A Trampoline Without Taking It Apart:

At the end, I would say that moving the trampoline without taking it apart is a technique that helps you save both time and money. This method is very effective when you are planning to move your trampoline to a new location that is a short distance from the current location.

However, the safer way to move your trampoline is by dismantling it. Disassembling process takes a good amount of your time and may take some money too (especially if you are doing it with the help of a professional service) but it is still beneficial. Taking apart a trampoline does not put any limit of size, weight, or distance to get relocated or sold.


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