How to Fix a Hole in a Trampoline (Proper Guide for 2023)

If you have a high-quality trampoline then you can have fun throughout the year with your loved ones. As trampolines are a lot of fun and people also use them for fitness purposes regularly.

If the mat has a tear or hole then jumping on that can be disastrous. A small hole may be deadly for a person who is using that. 

That’s why many trampoline lovers search for ways on how to fix a hole in a trampoline throughout the year which shows that it is a real problem.

However, to avoid future tragic injuries, you should look for holes in your trampoline as soon as possible.

If you find a hole in a trampoline then do not allow anyone until you repair it. Mats and nets are mostly torn areas and you don’t need to waste a lot of money on fixing the damaged sections.

The hole in a trampoline mat can be patched and repaired with a repair kit.

In this article, you would get to know how to fix a hole in a trampoline or what are the safety tips and much more. Just keep reading the article till the end.

Let’s get into the details!

How Does A Hole In A Trampoline Mat Develop?

There is a variety of different ways that can cause a hole in your trampoline and the following may be the primary reasons;

  1. If you drop or put large objects on the mat, this could be a reason for tearing your trampoline mat. 
  2. If your trampoline is under the tree it is not a good idea to set it under a tree. However, the branches of the trees may fall as a result of strong gusts on the trampoline.
  3. If someone jumps on the trampoline with a sharp object such as a razor, boot, etc. Then it can also be a reason for hole development. 
  4. Cigarettes may also cause a burn to the trampoline mat.
  5. There is a possibility that because of long-period usage it tears if it is exposed to the sun, rain, and stormy wind.
How Does A Hole In A Trampoline Mat Develop?

Different Causes of Trampoline Mat Hole:

There can be different causes of trampoline mat hole for instance;

  1. Dropping large pointed objects on the trampoline
  2. Falling branches of the tree on it
  3. Jumping with sharp objects
  4. Cigarettes on the trampoline
  5. Lengthy period usage of the trampoline 
  6. Come into contact with sun, rain, wind, and heavy snow

Types of Trampoline Mat Hole:

A hole in a trampoline can be of different kinds because it depends on the cause of tearing such as;

  1. A hole in the middle
  2. Little impact hole
  3. Frayed mat at margins
  4. Broken dring
  5. Stitching coming undone
  6. Burn small hole
  7. Lengthy burn mark
  8. Grazed mat
  9. Pull thread in the mat
Types of Trampoline Mat Hole:

When & Why Trampoline Hole Repairing is Necessary? 

It is important to repair a hole in the trampoline because jumping for an individual on a tearing trampoline may be dangerous.

The hole can be small or large and if the hole is less than 0.2 inches in diameter, you can leave it alone until the edges tear. If the hole is less than 1 inch in diameter then you can fix that with basic sewing skills.

Furthermore, if that hole is larger than 1 inch then you must have a patching kit to fix it. And if you don’t want to do it then hire an expert.

It is recommended to repair the hole as soon as possible otherwise it will get large and it will be threatening for the children.

If there’s just one hole you can easily repair that with a repairing kit and then allow jumpers to use it.

When & Why Trampoline Hole Repairing is Necessary? 

Necessary Tools and Materials for Trampoline Mat Holes Repairing:

To repair or fix the hole you must have all the necessary tools before that. Different repairing procedures require different parts however the majority of the needed tools and materials are nearly identical for instance;

  1. Scissors 
  2. Razor Blades
  3. Measuring Tape
  4. Lighter
  5. Chalk
  6. Needle
  7. Thread
  8. Pin
  9. Sewing Machine
  10. Patch
  11. Extra Tarp Material
  12. Other Typical Items

Things to Consider Before Patching Trampoline Holes:

There are a few things that you must consider before patching trampoline holes in particular to;

  • You should select a repair kit based on the trampoline mat.
  • Buy the waterproof and UV-resistant tape
  • Clean the area before putting the patches
  • Ensure that the mat and tape are in direct contact
  • Shake the glue in the bottle
  • Read the product instructions carefully

6 Ways on How to Fix A Hole In A Trampoline or I Should Say How To Patch A Trampoline:

If you have traced a hole in your trampoline mat and you have all the tools for repairing it, it’s time to fix it now. The following repairing hacks can be used to fix the hole such as;

Using Adhesive Patches:

An adhesive patching approach is one of the most common and easiest approaches. Additionally, this method only works for small holes and most of the adhesive patch kits are oval and round. Now, let’s dive into the details by steps.

using adhesive pad
using adhesive pads

How to Fix a Hole with Adhesive Patches Effective?

Step 1: Identify and Mark the Tear or Hole

Firstly, trace the holes in the trampoline mat and make the circles around the holes with caulk and fill them all.

Step 2: Cut Wider Patch Than the Hole

Now, use scissors to cut the patch two inches wider than the diameter of the holes from the patch box and it will allow you for some overlap.

Step 3: Cut Same Sized Tarp Like Patch

For the measurement, use tape or a ruler and measure the dimension of the cutting spot on the extra tarp at this stage. Then it’s time to cut a tarp patch the same size as the pathing kit that is cut previously. You’ll not need the same procedure every time. 

Step 4: Pin the Patch And Sew Patches With Mat

Now, you’ll have to fill the hole and you would need pins to hold the cutting patch in place. Once you’ve done it, sew the patch ends together with thread and needle to increase the tear resistance. In stitches, cross and whip stitches are common stitches. You can also use cross stitches in embroidered patches for their durability and this can be on both sides.

Step 5: Clean the Hole Area & Patch

Before patching it is necessary to clean the area of the hole and patch however, you can clean them with a moist towel before further proceedings. 

Step 6: Glueing the Hole

After finishing all the steps, apply adhesive to the hole and mend it. Moreover, ensure that the adhesive will be at least 1.5 mm thicker than the hole and 5 to 10 mm broader.

Step 7: Attach Patch with Mat

You can attach the mat and the patch by pressing for one to two minutes and ensure that both surfaces should be in contact. After the attachment, wait for 12 to 24 hours for the patching to let it dry, settle and harden. It is also recommended by some experts to use a lighter or match for preventing fraying in the sewed part in the future. To do this, you’ll have to run the lighter along the boundaries of the perimeter patch. 

Using A Sewing Machine:

This method is used when the hole is around 3 to 4 inches in diameter. It is not easy to find a suitable fixing method for a large hole although a sewing machine can assist you to repair the hole.

Using A Sewing Machine:

How to Fix A Hole With A Sewing Machine Is Effective?

To proceed, you’ll have to separate the mat from the spring first and then bring the mat to the sewing machine. Before stitching, ensure that you must have a large needle and UV-resistant thread. To ensure the stitching stability, you’ll need to use tight and strong Zig-Zag stitches over the hole. This method of repairing the hole comes in handy when repair kits do not work even though it is time-consuming. 

Using Flex-Tape: 

If you trace a hole or tear and you want to repair that as soon as possible then using flex tape is a quick solution to your problem.

Using Flex-Tape: 

How to Fix Hole with Flex-Tape is Effective?

This method is highly effective when you need to fix something quickly and these are available in a variety of sizes and colours. Gear Aid is the best example for this and you can use it underwater, dry, and wet as well. To use it, firstly you’ll have to apply flex tape to the tear or hole of the trampoline on both front and back sides and then you can use the flex spray to seal it. Further, after the application just let it dry and the hole will be fixed.

Using Sew-Like-Crazy Method (Zigzag Sewing Method):

Some tears and holes are too large to be fixed with simple patches and in such situations, a zigzag sewing method or sewing-like crazy method will be proved an effective way of repairing a hole.

Using Sew-Like-Crazy Method (Zigzag Sewing Method):

How to Fix A Hole with a Sew-Like-Crazy Method is Effective?

If your trampoline hole is larger than 4 inches then a basic patch will not fix it and if the hole is located in an awkward place such as the edge of the trampoline then a simple patch won’t work.

You’ll need a sewing machine with a strong motor, UV-resistant thread, and a sturdy needle. Now, take your trampoline mat to the sewing machine and over the tear or hole stitch in a zigzag pattern. Repeat the procedure for the layers of stitches and you can also use the UV-resistant spray if it is necessary. 

By Sew-On Replacement Patches:

There is another option for repairing a hole in the trampoline mat by sewing on replacement patches. You can stitch a patch over the hole and it’s Lil little difficult. Several repairing kits come with several UV-resistant canvas patch sheets, long-lasting needles, and heavy-duty threads.

Is Fixing Hole with Replacement Patches Effective?

Firstly, cut the replacement patch into a round shape and ensure that it should be broader than the hole by at least 2 inches. In addition, sew the patch on the hole while using the mat as a guide.

You can tighten the thread to improve stability and teamwork is recommended because it can make the task easier to accomplish and results in a better outcome. Most of the patches come with instructions on how to sew the patches together to repair a tear or hole in a trampoline mat, so do not forget to follow that.

Hire A Trampoline Professional:

If the trampoline hole is larger than 3 to 4 inches then the repairing kit will not work. That is why before replacing the mat, it is recommended to consult a trampoline repairing professional at your end.

Even if the hole is small you can contact the expert too if you do not have enough knowledge about fixing or mending the hole or in case you don’t have enough time. Furthermore, they can help and guide you more properly and successfully regarding fixing the hole or tear.

Hire A Trampoline Professional:

Some Trampoline Safety Tips:

There are some safety tips which you must keep in your mind;

  • Set up the trampoline away from the tree branches.
  • Remove sharp objects or shoes before bouncing.
  • Overweight individuals shouldn’t be allowed on the mat to jump.
  • Cover the mat on warm days.
  • Apply UV-resistant spray in summers.
  • Clean the trampoline mat regularly.
  • Do not allow smoking while jumping.
  • Take the mat apart during cold days.
  • Use the appropriate size of springs.

People Also Ask – How to Fix A Hole in A Trampoline:

Can I Use a Trampoline Repair Kit to Repair My Trampoline Spring Pad?

No, you can’t use them because both are different parts of trampolines.

Should I Patch Either On Both Sides Or Front Only?

It depends on the quality and type of the patch and both sides patch, on average, produce good results.

How to Repair A Trampoline Safety Net?

Use patches and tape for repairing the safety net and remove it in both cases. For front and back you’ll need two patches of patches and with the margins of patches, then stitch it thoroughly by a sewing machine or hand. Using tape is not a reliable method and if it is damaged a lot then replace it.

Can a Hole in a Trampoline Be Repaired?

Of course, it can be repaired through the methods discussed above.

Does Jumping on a Wet Trampoline Ruin it?

No, it can’t but it can be dangerous for individuals to jump on a dump trampoline.


It is not a hard task to repair a hole or tear but the most difficult part is to determine the best trampoline kit. To repair a hole as soon as possible is necessary for the safety of your kids and trampoline otherwise it will be dangerous. You can follow the above instructions or methods for fixing the hole if you find one. After repairing that, enjoy and have fun with your family safely. 

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