How To Clean A Trampoline, Water, Springfree, And In-ground Trampoline for 2023

Looking for ways on how to clean a trampoline, springless trampoline, water trampoline, or Inground trampoline? Then just keep reading this definitive guide and you’ll get your answer even how to clean trampoline mat!

A lot of emotions and good moments are linked with a trampoline while spending your time with your family and friends.

Trampolines offer you different sizes and you can adjust them accordingly such as up or down ground. They also come with different shapes for instance; rectangular, the classic round, octagon, and even in square shape. 

To make a trampoline usable, it’s important to take care of it and clean it. Several people have trampolines but they do not know how a trampoline should be cleaned in a variety of conditions.

In this article, you would get to know about different ideas on how to clean a trampoline or how to clean a trampoline mat or how to clean rusty springs, and much more. 

Let’s dive into the details!

Why Should You Clean the Trampoline?

If you have a trampoline, then you know very well how much a trampoline provides happiness and it is a good way of having fun.

Everyone wants to extend the life of their trampolines and for that purpose, they clean them whenever they use them. A trampoline comes in different sizes and shapes but the cleaning method is almost the same for all. 

Moreover, a clean trampoline also provides more safety than an unclean one. Snow, leaves, stones, and pebbles etc will not harm any jumper. Cleaning your trampoline is a good habit to develop and it is the responsibility of each trampoline owner. 

When You Should Clean the Trampoline? 

Trampolines do not need to be cleaned on a regular basis however, once the dirt begins to accumulate then it becomes necessary for you to clean.

Dirty and unclean trampolines will not only pose a hygiene danger to young children who frequently put their hands in their mouths, but they will also soil your clothes. In winter, you do not need to clean your trampoline. You can clean your trampoline after a few weeks, and then dry it off in the blazing sun. 

Equipment You Should Have Before Cleaning a Trampoline 

You do not need to use a lot of chemicals for cleaning your trampoline because a rough scrubbing brush and harsh chemicals can damage the jumping mat. You must have the following items for cleaning a trampoline such as;

  1. Soft broom 
  2. Brush and dustpan 
  3. Soft scrubbing brush 
  4. A bucket 
  5. Soapy warm water
  6. Hose with water
  7. Towels 

How to Clean a Trampoline?

Regardless, how big or little your trampoline is, cleaning on a regular basis helps to maintain the beauty of your trampoline. Even though, before starting the cleanliness, you must remove the enclosure net and you should also remove all other trampoline accessories for instance basketball hoops.

Flexrhoop etc. After that you may start cleaning your trampoline easily. Now, gather all of the equipment which you’ll need while cleaning it and follow the given instructions below.

Cleaning the Mat Surface:

Jumping mat is the heart of a trampoline and as a result, you must devote your effort and time to cleaning the mat. When you’ve cleaned the mat well, then you won’t have to spend much time cleaning the enclosure net, springs and frames. Let us now return our attention to cleaning the trampoline mats.

Cleaning the Mat Surface:

Cleaning Mat with Cleaning Solution:

If you want to make a perfect cleaning solution for cleaning your jumping mat then fill the bucket half with lukewarm water and add 30mL soap powder or dish detergent. Mix this mixture thoroughly and now your cleaning solution is ready to use.


Keep this in mind that before you start the cleanliness or put water or solution on the tap, you must remove all dried dirt in particular with small twigs, stones, leaves and pebbles. Use the broom, brush and dustpan to remove all loose or dried dirt otherwise after putting water it will stick on the mat. Thats why, it is recommended to sweep first and if you follow the methods carefully, then your trampoline will have a new look. 

Make sure while sweeping that sweep the spring pad and springs too. Don’t use a broom with harsh and rough bristles because it can damage your jumping mat and that is why it is suggested to use a gentle broom. However, if there is any dirt left under the spring pad, then be careful.


After examining the trampoline closely, you’ll notice that there are bird droppings, mud and some unwanted dirt stuck to the mat. If you find such dirt on your jumping mat then use water for cleaning this. You can use a water pipe for applying water because it is one of the smartest ways. 

A hosing pipe can also help you in other ways too for instance cleaning your yard or automobiles. If you can easily incline your trampoline while applying water then it will be better because in this way, the water will easily drain naturally and swiftly.       


After hosing and sweeping, if there does not remain any dirt then you don’t need to use or add soap water and scrub the mat. Otherwise, you’ll have to scrub the mat with soap water carefully. Now, apply the product and scrub it all over the mat gradually because scrubbing with a chemical or a harsh brush can damage the mat. That is why such chemicals and harsh scrubbing should be avoided.

Rinsing the Mat:

After applying soap and scrubbing, it is time to rinse the mat completely. Once again, you can use hose pipes to clean the soap water and dirt from the mate. Rinse the mat until there are no bubbles visible on it.

Drying the Trampoline Mat:

The cleaned mat can be dried in the sun although it is recommended that before putting it under sun for drying, first dry it with a long and soft towel. As a result, the mat will dry quickly.

Things You Must Keep in Mind while Cleaning Mat:

There are a few things which you should keep in mind while cleaning the jumping mat of your trampoline such as;

  • You should not use a scrubbing brush or a harsh broom.
  • When cleaning the jumping mat, avoid using any chemicals.
  • Scrub slowly and softly; don’t rush.
  • When cleaning the trampoline, be patient.

Cleaning the Safety Pad

A trampoline pad is also called a safety pad and it is an important part of a trampoline because it closes the gap between the jumping mat and the springs which can be dangerous. 

Cleaning the Safety Pad

How to Clean the Safety Pad:

Firstly, sweep the safety pad for removing dust and use a hose pipe for cleaning. Then scrub gently and rinse it off; after that just let it dry.

Things You Must Keep in Mind while Cleaning Safety Pad:

  • Don’t use a harsh bristle broom or scrubbing brush.
  • Avoid using chemicals.
  • Clean gently and softly.

Clean Trampoline Safety Net

Nowadays, a safety net is offered with all high- quality trampolines and in-ground trampolines. This safety net helps to protect jumpers from falling and from serious injuries such as back injuries. 

Clean Trampoline Safety Net

How to Clean Trampoline Safety Net:

Your safety net can be cleaned with your hands too. The best method to clean the safety net is to hang it and use hose pipe to rinse it and scrub it if necessary but make sure that there is no soap after rising it. 

Things You Must Keep in Mind while Cleaning Safety Net:

  • As safety nets are tough and it can be torn if you’ll clean it with much force. Be careful, while cleaning it.
  • Do not scrub it harshly because it can also damage it.

Cleaning the Frame, and Ladder

It is essential to clean all three parts on a regular basis properly and completely. If the springs will get rust then your trampoline’s life will be short and in danger.

So, cleaning the frame, springs, and ladder using soap water and a scrubbing brush is similar to cleaning the mat. It is critical to clean these components on a regular basis and correctly.

As a result, you must thoroughly inspect the frame and remove any rust.

Cleaning the Frame, and Ladder

How to clean Frame:

You can clean the frame while using soap water and a scrubbing brush and clean it gently. After cleaning it, rinse it and then dry it quickly.

How to clean the Ladder:

The same cleaning procedure goes for the ladder too, apply soap water and scrub it if you find any dirt over there. Then rinse it with hose water and let it dry.

How to clean the Ladder:

Things You Must Keep in Mind while Cleaning the Frame, and Ladder:

  • Keep in mind that do not scrub the frame and ladder with harsh brush.
  • Try to gently scrub and clean
  • Dry the frame and ladder as quickly as possible to get rid of rust.

Cleaning the Springs

As springs are also the essential parts of a trampoline, so you must pay attention to its cleanliness as well.

Cleaning the Springs

Clean Rust from Trampoline Springs:

During inspection, if you find rust on springs then use a simple tape to indicate the area. Do check springs from time to time and remove the rust. If you trace any rust then you can clean it with any rust cleaner. You can easily prepare the rust cleaner or solution with a half cup of salt and juice of a few lemons. In addition, to make paste, you need to combine and mix all the ingredients in a bowl.

Firstly, you must remove the springs from the frame and then apply the paste to the rusty places over springs once you’ve mixed all the ingredients. Now, leave this paste over springs for three to four hours and then clean the rust away with any old toothbrush.

Once you’ve done it, rinse and dry the springs well after washing away all the rust. If rust has penetrated far then you can replace your trampoline’s springs with new ones. If you clean and inspect your trampoline on a daily basis then it won’t happen in future.

Apply Rust Protection Jelly on Springs:

After removing the rust from the springs, apply petroleum jelly to them to keep them lubricated and rust-free. Furthermore, you can apply rust protection spray because it will not allow your springs to be rusted. However, before spraying on the springs, remove the springs from the jumping mat and frame because this spray may harm the jumping mat and frame too. 

Things You Must Keep in Mind while Cleaning the Springs:

  • Do not apply the spray without removing the springs from the frame and jumping mat.
  • Do not apply rust protection spray on the jumping mat and the frame.

Cleaning Tree Sap Off a Trampoline

When your trampoline comes into contact with lots of undesired items or when you put it in the backyard then tree sap is one of the most irritating. Because it is sticky and at that time it seems to be impossible to remove it from the mat. Many trampoline owners get fearful of damaging the mat while performing the procedure of sap cleanliness.

The steps which are discussed above will not be enough for cleaning the tree sap. If that doesn’t work then use the hot water with a sponge to clean it again.

In this way, the sap will get soft and then you may scrub it away because the jumping mat is made of durable materials and such a moderate approach will cause a little damage to your trampoline.

Moreover, if the hot work doesnt work then you should use rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizers are the most common courses of rubbing alcohol. You can use it on the tree sap then gently clean it and after that it will be gone.

Cleaning Tree Sap Off a Trampoline

Cleaning Mold Off a Trampoline

Mold is a fungus that grows in wet environments and if you use a trampoline cover in winter then the moisture will be trapped under it and it will cause mold to grow.

Don’t be alarmed if something happens to your trampoline. Make sure the cleanliness of your trampoline before jumping on it. A famous manufacturer of trampoline will use high quality materials so that there will be no need of cleaning it most of the time. If you trace mold on any part of your trampoline then you can remove it with hot soapy water and with a light scrubbing brush.

In addition, you can also use the hose pipe but with less pressure of water. You can apply wash powder on mold to remove it because this is one of the quickest approaches.

Cleaning Tree Sap Off a Trampoline

Cleaning Snow Off a Trampoline 

It is advised that you should leave your trampoline open and unprotected then you would need to clean it after each snowy and stormy weather. If the snow gathers on the jumping mat of your trampoline then it will not be a good idea at all.

You should not take any chances, even though mats are sturdy enough to withstand the weight of heavy snowfall. Rather, you should remove the snow as needed. Alternatively, you can shift your trampoline to another place before snowfall because it will make your cleaning procedure easier.

In such cases, a soft broom will help you out because you can easily clean the snow from the jumping mat easily. Do not use sharp or shovel instruments on a regular basis because it may cause significant harm to your trampoline or jumping mat.

Cleaning Snow Off a Trampoline 

How to Clean Water Trampoline?

Trampolines are damp most of the time and if they are left wet then they’ll become more sensitive to mold, germs and lagae. When you clean your water trampoline then stay away from aggressive cleaners. The best way of cleaning a water trampoline is to cleanse it with warm soapy water and use a soft brush to scrub it gently.

Water trampolines have different Polyvinyl chloride or polymer of plastics so that is why they must be cleaned on a regular basis. If you find any holes, rips in the surface, or other parts of the water trampoline while cleaning it, repair them before using it again.

How to Clean The Springfree Trampolines?

You can use wet & forget original, if you want to remove the moss, lichen and mold because this solution is safe for your springfree and it is also designed for getting rid of the mold, moss and lichen. Keep this in mind that always use a soft bristle brush or sponge to clean the springfree.

You can use warm water and a mild detergent for cleaning the springfree because sturdy chemicals may harm the trampoline or it may also cause rust to your trampoline. To eliminate growths on the net, mat, or frame, use a water-blaster on a low setting.

How to Clean The In-Ground Trampolines?

There are some tips for cleaning in-ground trampolines for instance;

  1. To clean it firstly clean the mat and the surface to remove debris carefully. 
  2. Make sure that there should be no toys or tools on the trampoline that may cause injury.
  3. You can use a soft broom and sweep the surface to dirt off the sides of the trampoline. 
  4. Inspect it again for the fabric for rips, holes, and snags and repair them because after jumping the holes can be larger.
  5. Clean the mat by using the soapy, warm water and also a light detergent.
  6. When the mat is wet, clean it immediately. 
  7. After it’s been wet, gently scrub it with a soft bristle brush or a moist rag. 
  8. To saturate the mat, use low water pressure rather than a pressure washer. 
  9. Clean the mat by sudsing it up.
  10. Rinse it until the water is completely clear.
  11. Clean the mat on a sunny day to ensure that it dries fast and then everyone may use it again.
  12. Inspect it once again for checking that it has dried or not before allowing jumpers to jump or to use it.

How to Clean Trampoline In Winter, Rain and Storm?

In winter, when heavy snow is there on the trampoline, then a soft broom can help you remove all the snow. On rainy and stormy days, a lot of water gathers on the trampoline so you can simply clean it with soapy water and a soft bristle brush. You can use hose water for removing all the dust in stormy weather from the trampoline.

Important Things on How to Clean a Trampoline 

  1. It is recommended to remove the trampoline then store it in a dry location during the winter.
  2. In the winter, avoid using a trampoline cover because it will keep the moisture inside.
  3. Remove the safety net from the poles while leaving the trampoline outside. 
  4. To clean the trampoline, never use a harsh brush or sharp equipment.
  5. Inspect the trampoline on a regular basis and, if necessary, take the appropriate procedures.

Conclusion on how to clean trampoline:

In conclusion, as trampolines are expensive to buy, you should clean them for its maintenance. And with my blog post. I hope you will now be able to clean your trampoline!


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