10 Best Trampoline Under 500 for Affordable Fun

Looking for best trampoline under 500? Trampolines are used for recreational purposes and for fitness as well because trampoline provides some kind of exercise while jumping high and then coming down.

It is a tough task to choose a trampoline for your children because you have to look for or check out many things and each part of the trampoline. The reason is that there is a wide range of trampolines which are different in sizes, shapes and age or weight limits. Some of them are affordable and some are expensive to buy. 

It’s important for you to choose the trampoline according to the space you have for installing a trampoline like it can be outdoor or indoor. If your budget is under $500 and you want to know regarding Best Trampolines Under $500 then just stick to this article until the end. This article can also help out in knowing what to check or look for before choosing or buying a trampoline for kids

Our Top three picks:

But if you’re one who is in hurry and knows everything about how to buy the best trampoline under 500 but confused about choosing one then here’s are our quick top three picks that our editing experts think are best among top 10:

ORCC Trampoline
ORCC Trampoline
  • Frame Size: 15 Feet
  • Shape: Round trampolines
  • Frame Material: Alloy rust resistant steel
  • Weight Limit: 450 Pounds
AOTOB Trampoline
AOTOB Trampoline
  • Frame Size: 14 Feet
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Frame Material: Alloy rust resistant steel
  • Weight Limit: 400 Pounds
JUMPZYLLA Trampoline
JUMPZYLLA Trampoline
  • Frame Size: 12 Feet
  • Shape: Round trampolines
  • Frame Material: Alloy rust resistant steel
  • Weight Limit: 400 Pounds

Now, in addition to being one of the most popular toys for kids, trampolines have also become one of the best ways to exercise at home, without joining a gym and spending lots of money. In fact, research shows that trampolines are an ideal low-cost way to exercise. However, choosing the right round trampolines for your needs and your budget is necessary if you hope to get the most out of your investment.

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However, with so many models to choose from, you might feel a bit confused and overwhelmed when looking for the best trampoline under $500. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you find the best trampoline for your needs.

What is the best Trampoline under 500 recommended in 2023?

The best trampoline under 500 in 2023 is ORCC Trampoline without any doubts!

  1. Skywalker Trampoline – Best Trampoline under 500
  2. Merax Trampoline – Best Budget Trampoline
  3. AOTOB Trampoline – Best Trampoline on a Budget
  4. JUMPZYLLA Trampoline – Best Trampoline for Kids and Adults
  5. Doufit Trampoline – Best Teens Trampoline
  6. SereneLife Trampoline – Best Trampoline at $500
  7. Lejump Skysurf Trampoline – Best Trampoline for 3 Year Old
  8. Zupapa Trampoline – Best Children’s Trampoline
  9. SKYTRIC Trampoline – Best Cheap Trampolines

Comparison Table Between Best Trampolines under $500:

TrampolinesSizeFrame MaterialMax LimitFor more Info
ORCC Trampoline15 FeetAlloy Steel450 lbsCheck on Amazon
Skywalker Trampoline15 FeetAlloy Steel200 lbsCheck on Amazon
Merax Trampoline15 FeetAlloy Steel330 lbsCheck on Amazon
AOTOB Trampoline14 FeetAlloy Steel400 lbsCheck on Amazon
JUMPZYLLA Trampoline12 FeetAlloy Steel400 lbsCheck on Amazon
Doufit Trampoline12 FeetAlloy Steel425 lbsCheck on Amazon
SereneLife Trampoline10 FeetAlloy Steel352 lbsCheck on Amazon
Lejump Skysurf Trampoline10 FeetAlloy Steel220 lbsCheck on Amazon
Zupapa Trampoline8 FeetAlloy Steel375 lbsCheck on Amazon
SKYTRIC Trampoline8 FeetAlloy Steel330 lbsCheck on Amazon

There are some trampolines that come in under $500 with their features such as their different dimensions, size, and material etc. The following are the best trampolines under $500.

ORCC Trampoline – Best Trampoline under $500

When looking for a perfect trampoline, you shouldn’t be much conscious about the price, as trampoline prices vary according to their material, not the brand.

So our first trampoline in the list of best trampolines under 500 dollars in united states is ORCC trampoline which is not under $500 but it’s a little costly because it is made of premium material and it has a lengthy track record.

It is not a large trampoline but it comes with a safety net, rain cover, a ladder, and a hoop of basketball. It can be installed comfortably in outdoor or indoors according to the available space at your place.

This ORCC trampoline comes with a rust resistant trampoline frame which can be stored outside during the Winter season. Its waterproof cover keeps the springs dry and rust-free in extreme weather conditions such as snow falling, rain, etc.

It also comes with all the essential components of the trampoline such as wind pegs, and glove pairs and for stretching the trampoline mat while installing the frame, it comes with t-hooks too, so yes it is a complete package.

Trampoline plays an important role when you want to spend quality time with your family and friends, but the safety of the kids should be one’s priority. Now, this ORCC Trampoline comes with an enclosure net 6 feet high which helps you to have a safe jumping experience for a long time.

The maximum weight limit for this trampoline is 210 pounds but it can manage with a high weight capacity trampoline of 450 pounds and is made with steel, So you can say that it can remain intact in your backyard for decades. This trampoline can be used by kids and adults too or a number of individuals can also jump on it because of its enough jumping space.

The steel used in this trampoline is 43 millimeters in diameter and it is also rust-resistant which makes the whole trampoline extremely durable. The trampoline frames are 43mm in diameter and 1.5mm in thickness which is also a good quality sign of trampoline’s frame and it can play a vital role in the safety of the jumpers.

  1. The enclosure or safety net is made with a high quality polyethylene and it is also water-resistance. With the safety net, you may have safe and secure jumping.
  2. The trampoline mat has a waterproof surface and it is water resistant which can also be useful on rainy and snowy days. In the extreme weather conditions. The trampoline mat won’t be damaged and it will be protected.
  3. The frame cover is in blue color which is 20mm thicker and a strong frame can provide a safe jump.
  4. The steel tube frame is made of heavy steel and it is 1.5mm thicker and 43mm in diameter.
  5. The ladder is made up of galvanized steel which is anti-skid. It doesn’t allow an individual to fall down while getting on and off on the trampoline.
  6. The springs are in different lengths with different quantities such as 10 feet lengthy springs with 60pc, 12 feet with 72 pieces, 14 feet with 96 pieces and 15 feet with 108 pieces. A great number of springs help you in high bouncing.
Other Features:
  1. It comes with a 6 feet high trampoline with enclosure which reduces the chances of the risks.
  2. The trampoline’s frame is made up of heavy steel which also provides a safety factor.
  3. It provides a good bouncing quality because of its bouncy surface.
  4. It can be easily re-assembled and you can install it effortlessly.
  • Easy to install.
  • Great weight capacity trampoline.
  • You can drag it to your yard easily.
  • It is a long lasting trampoline because it is water resistant.
  • You can buy it because it comes in a midrange budget.
  • You don’t need to buy ladder and wind stakes separately because you would get them with this.
  • It may become difficult for you to replace the parts of this trampoline.
  • It may be expensive because it doesn’t come in under $500 for some people.

Skywalker Trampolines – Best Trampoline under 500

If you are making your mind of choosing or buying a trampoline for your loved ones then you can go for Skywalker trampolines which comes with the 15 feet biggest jumping surface.

For jumping safely, it is important to have enough space which the Skywalker offers while taking care of your budget.

You can get this amazing trampoline because it is affordable and comes in under $500. 

The Skywalker trampolines is a trampoline with a 15 feet net around it and it also comes with a spring pad. This trampoline net reduces the risk chances for the kids who love to jump on the trampoline and they can play safely on it.

If you are looking for the bounciest, biggest, and most fun model, then Skywalker 15 feet trampoline is the best option for you in united states. This Skywalker round trampoline comes in a round shape and in a blue color. The company provides 6.5 inches longer springs which are rust-resistant and made of steel.

It is crucial to determine the maximum weight limit of a skywalker round trampolines before you purchase it because that matters a lot. This Skywalker trampolines can manage the maximum weight of 200 pounds and it is safe for the children as well because they can use it comfortably.

Nothing is more important than the safety of a jumper, you’ll be glad that the Skywalker trampolines comes with an enclosure that keeps the jumpers inside and does not compromise on the individual’s protection. 

The assembling dimension of the Skywalker trampolines is 15 x 15 x 9 inch and the maximum weight of the product is 18.1 pounds. The most important thing in a trampoline is its enough space for jumping. The trampoline of Skywalker provides enough space for your great bouncy experience. It can handle 3 kids on it at a time due to its enough space of 15 feet. 

  1. The Skywalker trampolines offers 96 springs that are tightly coiled and rust-resistance. These springs allow you to jump at height and then you can jump for a long time.
  2. The enclosure net is designed in such a way that it is not attached to the frame but it is attached with the jumping mat itself which is an innovative design. As a result, it omits the gap between the jumping surface and the safety net to give a safe jumping exposure. 
  3. The jumping mat of Skywalker trampoline with enclosure comes 37 inches higher than the ground.
  4. The covers of spring mat are offered by the Skywalker in various types of colors. 
Other Features:
  1. An enclosure net is for safety concerns because safety is Skywalker’s first priority and that net comes in a good height in length. When you’ll jump on the trampoline at as much height as you can, at that height the enclosure net will be for the reduction of the risk chances.
  2. The frame of the trampoline is made of rust resistant steel and weather resistant which is around 16 feet.
  3. T-sockets are the parts of the trampoline that connect the upper enclosure frame and stabilize it. It is designed in such a way that it will prevent structural damage and the twisting. 
  4. It provides comfort and durability because the design is totally compatible. You can get some customer support in case you feel uncomfortable.
  • It comes in the budget, if your budget is under $500.
  • This trampoline comes with a warranty of 3 years for frame and 1 year for other components.
  • This design of Skywalker trampolines can manage 3 kids on it easily.
  • It is a trampoline with enclosure.
  • It is durable and extremely comfortable.
  • It comes with a frame made of steel and T-sockets.
  • It has superior springs which make you experience a good jump.
  • You can replace the parts easily because these are available.
  • It has no cons.

Merax Trampolines – Best Budget Trampoline

Merax is a reliable brand and you can buy their trampoline without being conscious about the price because the prices vary from brand to brand. This is our third best trampoline under $500 which is named as Merax trampoline.

You can get this wonderful trampoline because it is affordable. Jumping space matters a lot and you do not need to be worried about the jumping space of the Merax trampoline because it offers 15 feet of the largest jumping area. With its basketball hoop, you can install it easily in your indoor and outdoor space. 

If you are an exercise enthusiast then this model of Merax is made for you. This Merax trampoline provides 108 springs for the high jumps and comes with a great weight capacity trampoline offers a frame which is durable and rust resistant.

Trampolines are the best ways to keep away your kids from the electronic devices which put severe effects on their mental health. If you have a big family who are trampoline enthusiasts then the model of Merax will be a great option for you to buy this.

Merax trampoline offers a good weight limit of 375 pounds which can handle a number of people on it. It doesn’t only offer a maximum weight capacity trampoline at a reasonable price but also concentrates on the safety factors. The trampoline enclosure provides the maximum safety of your kids in the case of your kids just wanting to roll off into the garden. 

Considering the space, if you have enough space in your garden or at your end then you can choose a 15 feet Merax trampoline because a large trampoline allows you to practice more tricks while jumping on it.  This Merax model is designed to manage more than 3 persons and your kids may have fun while jumping on it. 

  1. A great number of springs is really important for a great jumping exposure and the Merax trampoline comes with 108 springs which are rust-resistant. They offer you to jump high with safety aspects. These springs are lengthier in size and provide maximum weight strength to the trampoline.
  2. Merax trampoline provides an enclosure or safety net of 6 feet which ensures the safety of the jumpers and does not allow them to fall down from the trampoline. 
  3. The 6-W shaped legs of the trampoline ensures the stability of the trampoline. 
  4. You would also get a ladder of 4 steps with your trampoline package which is quite a good deal. 
Other features:
  1. The enclosure net which fits all around the trampoline surface and it is made of plastic woven and the metal springs which provides a good protection to the components. 
  2. This model of Merax trampoline offers kids an adventurous and recreational time. It comes with a cushion padding cover.
  3. Offers a double secure zip and lock to keep your kids safe.
  4. The jumping mat is tightly woven and plays an important role in good bouncing.
  5. The slanted ladder helps in the off and on easily on the trampoline.
  • It can withstand the weight of upto 300 pounds.
  • The galvanized springs of the trampoline ensure comfort and durability.
  • Merax trampoline’s basketball hoops add more fun to the trampoline for the kids.
  • It offers a warranty of five years.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • The frame of the trampoline may bend when the wind hits it.
  • It may not stand up year after year.
  • It will be difficult to find the replacing parts because they do not have websites for the queries.

AOTOB Trampolines – Best Trampoline on a Budget

Trampolines are not just used for entertainment but also used for fitness purposes. If your family is an exercise lover, then choose the AOTOB trampoline. It comes with all the necessary parts of the trampoline which are easy to assemble and reassemble.

When you are seeking for a good quality trampoline then leave being conscious regarding the costs. AOTOB trampoline offers a good weight limit and a wide jumping surface. It is one of the best trampolines which you can get under $500. You can also buy this model at a reasonable price with all the features which make it the best choice of the trampoline enthusiasts. 

You can enjoy jumping when you have enough space and a large area for jumping on a trampoline. This model of AOTOB trampoline is 14 feet large which is quite good space for jumping. This trampoline supports a  great weight limit with a great number of springs which are essential parts in the bouncing procedure.

There is a jumping mat with the spring covers which reduce the chances for foot injuries. AOTOB trampoline comes with all the essential components and features which are the clear signs of a good quality trampoline. 

Now, ones who are overweight can use it too and a number of people can jump on it at a time. There is an enough jumping area for the jumpers who use to practice different tricks. A great number of the maximum weight capacity reduces the chances for the damage of a trampoline during an overweight jumper.

The enclosure net always play an important role in the safety of your kids an AOTOB trampoline provides a stable one and a ladder is also offered for the safety reasons. 

The design of the trampoline is unique because the AOTOB trampoline offers a broad area of 14 feet for jumping. This design and model can support a good number of individuals for the jumping experience.

The trampoline’s design lengthens the zipper and makes it easier for the users to get off and on. It also enhances the safety of the jumpers while using it with the increasement of buckles on the zipper. The kid will not hurt while hitting the frame because of the foam sleeve. 

  1. The jumping pad is made of the polypropylene which offers a wear-resistant performance years after years. When the trampoline will be outdoors then it will not fade however a safety cover should be used for maintaining its new appearance. 
  2. Along with the AOTOB trampoline package, there will be basketball hoops and 6 wind stakes which keep the trampoline safe in the stormy or windy weather conditions. 
  3. The U-shaped legs of the trampoline ensures the stability of it.
Other Features:
  1. AOTOB trampoline provides safety features and is risk-free.
  2. The length of the zipper increases when you enter or leave the trampoline. 
  3. The foam sleeves are installed in the trampoline to eliminate the risks of hitting the frame and getting hurt.
  4. It provides a good jumping experience with its UV-resistance trampoline jumping mat.
  5. It’s comfortable and durable during jumping and it can withstand a great weight capacity.
  • It can lift the weight with zero-safety risks.
  • It possesses a triple safety design which makes it different from others.
  • Provides a high quality bouncing foam.
  • It offers a stable jumping experience with no shaking.
  • The instructional manual for assembling the trampoline is a little exaggerated.

JUMPZYLLA Trampolines – Best Trampoline for Kids and Adults

The quality of a trampoline for kids matters a lot more than its cost because a good quality product always comes at a high price. If you want to buy a trampoline for kids and want to have an entertaining and memorable time with your family then think about the JUMPZYLLA trampoline.

JUMPZYLLA is a manufacturer of the trampoline for kids and they never compromise on the quality because it is all about the fun. You can get this high quality trampoline at an affordable price and it will be worth it. It provides enough space for bouncing and you can buy it under $500. Trampoline for kids are not just used for entertainment but also used for fitness purposes. 

When you have enough space on a trampoline for practicing different new tricks then you may have fun in a good way. This model of JUMPZYLLA provides a large space of 12 feet which is sufficient for a great bouncing exposure.

Imagine that without any worries and risks how entering can be jumping on a trampoline. Before you buy a trampoline, determine its safety features and the weight limit as well. JUMPZYLLA offers the frame size of 12 feet which is sufficient for a jumper to use it safely.

This trampoline supports the weight limit of 125 pounds at a time however it can also handle the maximum weight of 400 pounds, which is a clear sign of a high quality trampoline with extra features. JUMPZYLLA trampoline for kids do not come with the enclosure net issues which spoil the excitement of bouncing on it. The innovative curved poles of the trampoline are used to protect your kids from injuries. 

The design of this trampoline is built while keeping in mind all the safety and practical concerns. JUMPZYLLA provides a wide area of 12 feet for bouncing which can play a vital role in your trampoline usage experience. This exciting model is a round shaped trampoline which you can get in black color. This trampoline for kids is just not designed to be large but also keep the kids inside of the enclosure. 

  1. The material which is used in this trampoline is foam and plastic. 
  2. The frame of the trampoline is made of Alloy steel and it is waterproof plus rust-resistant. 
  3. Trampoline legs are powder coated which ensures the extra safety of your kids and the thick foam is water-resistant.
  4. The ladder is offered with a luxury cover for kids’ easy access to the trampoline and comfortable usage of toddlers for children.
  5. An extra high-density material is utilized between the curved poles.
  6.  This trampoline model offers you 72 galvanized and rust resistant springs which prevent them from rusting. 
Other Features:
  1. For extra safety, foam padding is used on each and every curved bar. 
  2. Enclosure net is used for the safety concerns of the kids. 
  3. A ladder comes with the package which makes access to the recreational trampoline for the kids easier and more convenient. 
  4. Components that may be rusty are coated with the extra power to protect them from rust.
  • The price is reasonable and affordable.
  • It can be installed comfortably and easily.
  • It comes with a package in which there are all the components and you can receive that in single delivery.
  • It offers manual and customer support service.
  • It provides high and jumping experience.
  • It can lift a great weight capacity.
  • It has no cons.

Doufit Trampolines – Best Teens Trampoline

Most people use trampolines just for the sake of having fun or enjoyment but trampolines can be used for the purposes of the exercise, stimulating physical growth or fitness.

Doufit trampoline is a high quality trampoline because of its huge jumping area and it is an ideal and sufficient for your family’s enjoyment in your backyard. This trampoline comes with a length of 12 feet and is for a jumper, who is a trampoline lover. As far as the price is concerned, you can buy this Doufit trampoline while at under budget which is affordable.   

This model of Doufit offers a large area of 12 feet for bouncing which provides a great experience. The name of the model is TR-06 and it comes in a round shape in black color. It is a large trampoline that is why it cant be installed indoors, you’ll have to set it up outdoors.

This trampoline offers a galvanized frame of steel and reinforced frame joints which ensure the protection of your kids. Doufit trampoline package includes all the essential parts such as spring pad, ladder, enclosure net and the instruction manual etc. 

Safety of your kids should be at first except for enjoyment. When you make up your mind about buying a trampoline, it is important for you to consider the weight limit and the safety factors. Doufit trampoline has a great weight restriction of 425 pounds that means you can use it with multiple people and it eliminates the risks of trampoline damage. 

This model of Doufit trampoline has an enclosed net with PVC spring pads which prevent you from getting caught in the spring season and falling out of the jumping area. Wind stakes help in the safety and stability of the trampoline. The frame joints strengthen the structure of the frame and when you get on and off the trampoline then the ladder adds safety and convenience. 

  1. The bounce mat is made of high quality polypropylene and for strengthening it’s quality and performance it is closely weaved.
  2.  This Doufit trampoline comes with frame joints and wind stakes, ensuring its durability. 
  3. The frame of the trampoline is made of Alloy steel and it is rust-resistant. 
  4. The trampoline is equipped with the U-shaped bigfoot pipes. 
  5. It comes with 72 springs that galvanize and support a high-quality jump.
  6. In their package, they also offer a ladder for easy entry and exit to the trampoline. 
  7. A safety enclosure net is installed with a zipper which avoids the falling out of the trampoline jumping area. 
Other Features:
  1. It offers thicken galvanized springs which make your bouncing more safer and elastic for your family. 
  2. It provides a steel frame which undergoes three layers of anti-rust and UV-resistant procedure. It helps to make it more durable and stable.
  3. A high quality jumping mat is used which protects it from sun and rain. 
  4. The enclosure net is covered with soft foam sleeves. 
  • You can get this Doufit trampoline easily because the cost is reasonable.
  • The installation of the trampoline is easy and you can assemble it effortlessly.
  • The package includes a complete trampoline, spring pad, ladder, enclosure net and tools.
  • It comes with the instruction manual which makes the installation easier.
  • It supports a great weight limit.
  • The manufacturer offers a warranty of one year.
  • You would also get customer service if you trace any difficulty or defect in the trampoline.
  • It is durable and waterproof.
  • You cannot install it indoors due to its large size.

SereneLife Trampolines – Best Trampoline at $500

Everyone gets excited about using a trampoline and when you do not have one you feel craving for it. Our next best trampolines under $500 is SereneLife trampoline.

Regarding this trampoline, you don’t need to worry in the sense of pricing because you can’t get this at such an affordable price. It is a large trampoline with all its components and features. 

This model of SereneLife is available in 12 feet length of the bouncing area and it’s sufficient for having a great time. offers a large area of 12 feet for bouncing which provides a great experience. It supplies high quality rust-free springs.

This high bouncing trampoline of SereneLife is the perfect size for the kids and adults for spending a long time.  It is an outdoor trampoline which includes a stable and strong enclosure net and it can manage a good weight capacity. 

SereneLife trampoline provides a weight capacity of 352 pounds that means you can use it with multiple people without thinking about its damage. The safety net is used which fits all around the trampoline and provides safety to kids and adults. 

The large jumping surface of the trampoline also offers protection to kids because they can bounce in the middle of the trampoline. This is how SereneLife reduces the risk’s chances.

The height of the SereneLife trampoline is 8 feet and it’s width is 10 feet with its 10 feet length too. You would get this trampoline in a round shape and in blue color. The design of the trampoline is durable and can be used in any weather condition.

  1. The safety net or enclosure is used for its stability and durability. It also supports in the safety of the 
  2. SereneLife trampoline’s design offers L-shaped feet which enhances its durability and helps your trampoline to be safe.
  3. The material which is used in the trampoline is cotton poly jersey.
  4. The jumping mat is made with polypropylene to increase its strength and performance.
  5. It comes with 64 springs which galvanize and support a high quality jump.
  6. The heavy metal frame is designed to withstand every humid or weather condition. 
Other Features:
  1. The enclosure net entry has a unique zipper lock and buckles for double safety concern. 
  2. SereneLife creates innovative L-legs that offer great support and advanced shaped legs are created for adding strength.
  3. SereneLife trampoline complies with ASTM requirements, so you don’t have to be concerned about safety. 
  4. The jumpers are protected by padded poles, a towering enclosure, and a full-size spring pad.
  5.  Furthermore, the twofold enclosure greatly increases the level of safety.
  • The cost is affordable.
  • Easy to install and assemble.
  • It comes with the instruction manual.
  • It supports a great weight capacity.
  • It is ASTM approved durable trampoline
  • SereneLife offers one year warranty
  • It can withstand every weather condition.
  • It can’t be installed indoors because it is a large trampoline.

Lejump Skysurf Trampoline – Best Trampoline for 3 Year Old

If you are looking for a trampoline which should be high quality and within your budget then you should go for Lejump Skysurf trampoline. It comes with a good jumping space and with this space you can have a quality time with your loved ones.

Lejump skysurf price is less as compared to other trampolines. It comes in at under $500 with the best quality. It is an ideal size of 10 feet and you can easily install it outdoors. 

For a great bouncing experience, you need an enough jumping area and this model of Lejump Skysurf provides an enough space of 10 feet. You would get this trampoline into grey color and it is a broad trampoline. This trampoline comes with the rust-free frame and springs.

All the elements of this company adds to the durability of the trampoline. Before making a decision of purchasing a trampoline, check out all the components of the trampoline. The enclosure net which eliminates the chances of accidents or injuries, also come with a good quality. 

There are lots of people who focus on the cost instead of concentrating on its safety features. If your budget is not high then you can choose the trampoline under $500 however, with a number of features. It is crucial to keep in mind the protection factors before you buy a trampoline. Trampolines are for entertainment but safety matters a lot.

Likewise, other trampoline brands, Lejump Skysurf also provide a weight limit of 50 kg but it is recommended that the weight restriction can be 100 kg. That is why there can’t be more than 2 or 3 kids on the trampoline. The frame and the galvanized springs are also for safety concerns. You would get a ladder as well to get off and on.

If you need a large trampoline to install outdoors then Lejump Skysurf is a great option for you because it offers a wide area of 10 feet. This broad jumping area is enough for a great bouncing experience with your friends and family. The height of the mat is 70cm and kids who are above 3 years old can use this trampoline. It comes in a round shape. 

  1. Foam and the steel is the material which is used in the manufacturing of this trampoline. 
  2. The frame is made with a rust-resistant and waterproof Alloy steel to eliminate the chances of it getting rusty.
  3. For the trampoline jumping mat and enclosure net, durable material is being used which make it sturdy. 
  4. This model offers 64 springs and they are flexible and are galvanized. 
  5. In their package, they include a ladder to get on and off to the trampoline, tools, complete trampoline, guide book and with a gift.
Other Features:
  1. It includes an extra thick jumping pad.
  2. This trampoline fits properly.
  3. The trampoline offers the gapfree seal. 
  4. It reduces the chances of injuries.
  5. There is a feature of isolating all the parts easily.
  6. It is waterproof and can be used in different extreme weather conditions. 
  • It comes within your budget and affordable price.
  • It provides a double safety enclosure.
  • Offers unique legs for extra stability.
  • You would get a gift along with the trampoline.
  • It provides a demo video for the installation and the manual book.
  • Easy to install.
  • Provides customer care services.
  • Sometimes, the springs make noise.
  • It does not support a great weight capacity.

Zupapa Trampolines – Best Children’s Trampoline

Zupapa trampoline is an entertaining equipment which makes everyone excited. If you want to buy one, then you should look for a high quality trampoline which can meet your weight limit requirements and which will be within your budget of under $500.

Zupapa trampoline is one of the most famous trampoline manufacturers in the world. You can get the trampoline with all its important parts, if you are seeking for the best trampolines under $500. You do not need to be worried about the cost and quality of this trampoline.

Enough bouncing space is required for performing different tricks and moves on the trampoline while bouncing. The model of zupapa trampoline comes with a wide jumping area of 8 feet.

This trampoline of Zupapa is tested for its safety and durability by ASTM and TUV standards and it offers the surety for the protection of your kids. The latest galvanizing technology is used to make the steel frame rust-free and durable. You would get this trampoline with a good weight limit too. 

While keeping in mind the safety concerns, Zupapa trampoline’s jumping mat and spring cover is tightly sewn because it reduces the chances of getting caught your hands and feets in the gap. It ensures the protection of the individuals because they can’t compromise on this.

The weight limit of a trampoline is important not only for the protection of the trampoline but also for the safety of ones. This trampoline of Zupapa offers the weight limit of 100 pounds but it also recommends the weight capacity of 375 pounds. A strong safety or enclosure net is used for not allowing ones to fall down from the trampoline while jumping. 

  1. All the springs are covered with the thick and durable pad and you would get 48 springs along with the 6 net poles.
  2. Their latest technology of hot-dip galvanizing makes the steel frame rust-free or rust-resistant and more stable. 
  3. It also comes with 6 pieces of wind stakes which make the trampoline able to withstand the severe weather conditions. 
  4. The enclosure net which comes with the height of 5.2 feet ensures the safety and enhances the speed while jumping.
  5. The 10mm foam is used to pad the poles which keeps your children protected from banging against the steel pole.
Other Features:
  1. You can get an extra 12 springs for impressive bounce.
  2. W-shaped legs offes a solid base for the trampoline thoroughly.
  3. Anti-UV jumping mat of the trampoline provides more weight capacity.
  4. All the net poles approach ground to make the net more safe and stable.
  5. Their model is different because it has a gapless design.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • Their product is tested by ASTM for its durability and safety.
  • It offers self locking steel frame structure.
  • They provide the warranty of 10 years for the frame, two years for the jumping mat, enclosure net and springs too.
  • It offers a good weight lifting capacity.
  • You can get the replaced parts easily.
  • It is durable in all weather challenges.
  • It can’t be installed indoors because it is a large trampoline.

SKYTRIC Trampolines – Best Cheap Trampolines

When you want to spend quality time with your family then trampolines can be a great option at that time. There is a time when you want to buy a trampoline however under $500. Our last but not the least best trampolines under $500 is SKYTRIC trampoline.

If you want to buy a trampoline with its broad jumping area and safety tools then you should select the SKYTRIC trampolines. You can get this at an affordable price with all the features and crucial parts.  

The name of this model is Upper Bounce and it offers a wide jumping surface of 8 feet which is enough space for a great bouncing experience. Besides, it includes ultra durable mats which are made of polypropylene mesh material.

This model of SKYTRIC trampolines provides a safety enclosure with a double closing system and it does not support the gap enclosure system. The springs are rust-resistant and the steel frame is powder coated which makes it durable. You would get this trampoline in blue color.

With safety risks, jumping is always delightful and entertaining. The powder coated steel frame of the trampoline with enclosure provides unbeatable protection and the safety or enclosure net is used with it’s double closure system. SKYTRIC trampoline comes with the weight capacity trampoline ranging from 39 kg to 330 pounds which is a great weight limit. 

  1. The material which is used in the production of this item is polyester. 
  2. The trampoline frame is made with solid steel and it is also rust-free. 
  3. The trampoline safety pad is thickened because it ensures the safety of the kids.
  4. The trampoline mat is made of polypropylene mesh material which provides great strength to moisture. 
  5. The springs are made with steel and they are galvanized. This structure of the springs prevents them from bending and breaking. This trampoline is available with 48 springs.  
Other Features:
  1. This model of trampoline is being tested and then evaluated for the durability and safety concerns.
  2. The double enclosure system of the safety net makes it different from others.
  3. There is a gapless enclosure system because it eliminates the danger.
  • It is available at an affordable price.
  • Easy to assemble and reassemble.
  • It supports a great weight lifting limit.
  • You get the warranty of one year.
  • It is durable in all weather conditions.
  • It is certified for its safety concern.
  • It can’t be installed indoors because it is a large trampoline.

Things To Consider Before Buying the Best Trampoline Under $500:

There are lots of platforms from which you can buy a trampoline however the problem or confusion which haunts you is what are those things which you must consider before buying the Best Trampoline Under $500.  It is essential to keep these things in mind because it can make the purchase of the trampoline easier for you. 


In everyday life, the style adores everyone and you should also look for an elegant style of the trampoline because kids love colorful and attractive objects and it attracts them. 


A trampoline must be appealing for you like it develops a sense of excitement in you plus it must be comfortable. 


A strong and safe trampoline provides a sense of enjoyment and excitement in real life without any doubt of unsafety. If your trampoline wont be strong then it can become a threat to your health and you shouldn’t compromise on your health. 

Age Limit for Different Trampolines:

There is a wide range of trampoline in the market which comes with different age limits. It is different for kids and for adults, it is different too. When you buy a trampoline, it is crucial for you to determine the age limit before buying it. Age limit is for the safety concerns and for the life of a trampoline.

When you buy a toddler trampoline for your kid and an overweight individual also jumps on that, as a result, it can damage your trampoline and it may cause serious injuries to the jumpers too. It is recommended that keep in mind the age restrictions before placing an order for a trampoline. 

Trampoline Shape:

Trampolines come in a variety of shapes such as round, square, rectangular, oval and hexagon etc. The most common shapes are round and rectangular which are used by trampoline enthusiasts. Round trampolines are quite cheaper than the rectangular trampolines, and mini trampolines.

Some are used for high jumps which are used by gymnasts usually and some are for the normal individuals who just use them for the sake of entertainment. Before buying one, research well on the distinct shapes of the trampoline, mini trampoline, and then place an order according to your requirements while remaining within your budget which is under $500.

Size and Space of Trampolines:

The size and the space of the trampoline matters a lot because they allow you to jump high and safely. Trampolines come with different sizes such as large, medium, small and school ones. It is your decision that you first determine your requirements and then make a purchase.

If you have a kid of the age ranging from 1 to 5 years then you can go for the school size or small one however, it is recommended that go for the average or large one because they come with extra space. You can decide according to your budget and your choice should be meeting your requirements. You can buy the best one if you have a budget under $500.

Durability for Extreme Performance:

Durability of a trampoline for kids is really important because it also increases the life of a trampoline. A good trampoline comes with its durability factor for extreme performance. Before buying a trampoline or mini trampoline, make sure its durability as well that it is able to withstand damage and pressure or not.

If a trampoline is durable then you can have fun with your family for a long time with this entertaining object. The durability of a trampoline will be a plus point for your good trampoline under your budget of $500 or under $500. 

Trampoline Bounce Quality:

Trampolines such as rectangular, oval or hexagon etc are used by the trained gymnasts because these trampolines help them to bounce at height. For a normal person’s usage, it is important that jumping should be safe and secure with enjoyment.

Before making your mind of buying a trampoline, make sure the bouncing is good quality. You can also increase the number of the springs if you want to experience a high jump. You can buy a mini trampoline under $500 because there are lots of trampolines available with their damn good features. 

Trampoline Ground Height:

The ground height of the trampoline is essential because it will provide you a safe jump. Even when you decide of purchasing one, then determine the ground height of the trampoline that it will be at how much height of the ground.

Sometimes, the height of the trampoline is less and almost close to the ground, it can be dangerous for a jumper due to some objects under the trampoline. Most of the trampolines come with a height between 60cm to 90cm off the ground. You can even get a good quality trampoline for under $500 with a good ground height. 

Other Models that We Didn’t Added to the List

If none of the included Trampoline got your interest, then we’ve compiled a list of all trampoline models that we chose during our research!

Trampoline NameWeight LimitFrame SizeSpring Count
JumpMax250 lbs12 ft72 springs
BouncePro220 lbs14 ft96 springs
ZuluBounce200 lbs10 ft60 springs
AirBounce180 lbs8 ft42 springs
SpringJump250 lbs15 ft108 springs
TrampoMax200 lbs12 ft80 springs
SpringPro220 lbs10 ft54 springs
SuperBounce250 lbs14 ft90 springs
MiniJump150 lbs6 ft36 springs
FlexiBounce180 lbs10 ft48 springs
SkyHigh220 lbs12 ft66 springs
JumpSport250 lbs14 ft84 springs
SpringFling200 lbs10 ft50 springs
AirBound180 lbs8 ft38 springs
BounceZone220 lbs15 ft112 springs
JumpZone250 lbs12 ft78 springs
SpringTime200 lbs14 ft92 springs
TrampoZone220 lbs10 ft56 springs
SuperJump250 lbs6 ft40 springs
FlexiSpring180 lbs12 ft68 springs
HighBounce220 lbs14 ft86 springs
JumpZoneX250 lbs10 ft52 springs
AirSpring200 lbs15 ft116 springs
BounceTime180 lbs12 ft74 springs
SpringZone220 lbs14 ft98 springs
JumpAir250 lbs8 ft44 springs
TrampoBounce200 lbs10 ft58 springs
SuperSpring180 lbs12 ft82 springs
BounceJump220 lbs14 ft94 springs
SkyBound250 lbs15 ft120 springs
SpringJumpX200 lbs12 ft76 springs
JumpFest220 lbs10 ft62 springs
AirBounceX250 lbs14 ft88 springs
TrampoPro180 lbs6 ft46 springs
FlexiJump200 lbs12 ft70 springs
BounceSport220 lbs14 ft100 springs
JumpZonePro250 lbs10 ft64 springs
SpringJumpSport200 lbs15 ft104 springs
TrampoAir180 lbs12 ft88 springs
HighJump220 lbs14 ft106 springs
JumpZoneSport250 lbs10 ft68 springs
AirSport200 lbs12 ft78 springs
BounceX180 lbs14 ft110 springs
SpringZoneX220 lbs15 ft124 springs
JumpBound250 lbs12 ft84 springs
TrampoFling200 lbs10 ft72 springs
SuperZone180 lbs8 ft48 springs
BounceJumpX220 lbs14 ft102 springs
SkySpring250 lbs12 ft90 springs
JumpFusion200 lbs15 ft128 springs
AirZone180 lbs12 ft92 springs
TrampoJump220 lbs10 ft66 springs
SuperBounceX250 lbs14 ft98 springs
FlexiZone200 lbs12 ft94 springs
BounceProX180 lbs8 ft54 springs

Conclusion on Best Trampoline Under $500:

When you think of buying a trampoline then the first thing which you must keep in mind is the safety, the comfort and it should excite you. It’s up to you whether you purchase a small, large or medium sized trampoline but all the required factors should be included in the trampoline under $500.

You’ll have plenty of options in sizes and types, you can pick one accordingly. You can choose from the above-discussed trampolines while keeping in mind the features and pros or cons. If you are going to buy one then Good Luck for that!

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