Best Trampoline For Cheerleading

If you guys are thinking about buying the best trampoline for cheerleading, I suggest having one and choosing that wisely.

Trampolines can help a lot in cheerleading because I think cheerleaders can learn different tricks and stunt safely while jumping on a trampoline.

Teenagers, or you can say cheerleaders to be love jumping on trampolines.

Especially when it comes to cheerleading, I’m sure they require a large jumping surface, and trampolines can be the best options.

In my opinion, you should explore more and more until you don’t find the best one. In my opinion, while exploring, you will find various brands offering the best trampolines for cheerleading.

I would suggest you go for a large trampoline because your kids can perform and learn easily on a giant trampoline.

In this article, I will give a detailed review of the ten best trampolines for cheerleading, and trust me; I came up with these products after researching a lot.

I hope that you will find your best trampoline soon. You just need to stick to this article until it ends!

What are the Benefits of Trampoline For Cheerleaders?

If you ask me about the benefits of the trampoline for cheerleaders, I will say that there is a wide range of advantages regarding trampolines for cheerleaders.

When you look for a trampoline, in my view, you should choose it carefully because, after all, your children’s life depends on the trampoline.

In my view, cheerleaders use trampolines to practice their jumps, perform different stunts and tricks, and perform safety features. Here are some benefits of using the trampoline for cheerleaders;

  • Allow users to give high performance.
  • Offer a safe jumping experience.
  • Come with sufficient bouncing space.
  • Allow them to learn different tricks with less risk of injury.
  • Also can boost their health & fitness as well.
  • It can be used for a variety of things by cheerleaders.

Cheerleading Routine For Trampoline

The routine for the cheerleaders of jumping on a trampoline is not challenging, and the first thing that should be done is to have a trampoline with enough ample jumping space.

Because a large area will support easy jumping, turning, twisting, and others. Once you get a giant trampoline, you can use it for kicks, pyramids, transitions, and spins without any difficulty. After that, you can also learn and practice complete standings, baskets, etc.

Eventually, learning all these tricks and stunts thoroughly, you can start practicing cheerleading moves on the space provided by your trampoline. Once you have mastered all the skills, you can create your moves and work on them.

What are the best trampoline for cheerleading recommended for 2023?

  1. Zupapa Trampoline – Best trampoline for cheerleading
  2. CalmMax Trampoline – Cheer trampoline
  3. Skywalker Trampoline – Best trampolines for tricks
  4. Doufit Trampoline – Best trampolines for cheerleading
  5. AOTOB Trampoline – Best trampoline for cheerleaders
  6. Giantex Trampoline – Best trampolines for cheerleaders
  7. JUMPZYLLA Trampoline – Trampoline for cheerleading
  8. Merax Trampoline – Affordable trampoline for cheerleading
  9. ORCC Trampoline – Runner Up
  10. Sportspower Trampoline – Runner Up

Comparison between best trampoline for cheerleading

TrampolinesSizeWeight limits
Zupapa Trampoline12 feet425 lbs
CalmMax Trampoline12 feet400 lbs
Skywalker Trampoline12 feet200 lbs
Doufit Trampoline12 feet425 lbs
AOTOB Trampoline12 feet400 lbs
Giantex Trampoline12 feet375 lbs
JUMPZYLLA Trampoline12 feet400 lbs
Merax Trampoline12 feet660 lbs
ORCC Trampoline10 feet400 lbs
Sportspower Trampoline12 feetN/A

Zupapa Trampoline – Best trampoline for cheerleading

Our first product is from Zupapa Trampolines and is 12 feet long. From my point of view, it may be an excellent option for cheerleaders to execute various stunts and tricks. Because I think it is a giant trampoline, you can easily place it in your royal backyard. Moreover, it is simple to use for children, teenagers, and adults alike.

This model of Zupapa has a wide bouncing area of 12 feet, which is, I think, adequate for a pleasant jumping adventure. According to me, if you purchase this trampoline, you will receive a ladder, steel frame, many springs, and a long net pole. It will also provide you with an exciting experience while you use it.

If you are concerned about its safety, don’t worry because it comes with all essential safety features. This trampoline has been ASTM verified for safety and includes a non-slippery ladder that provides simple access to the trampoline. I believe you’d also get a net to keep you safe when jumping. Zupapa’s trampoline has a weight capacity of 161 pounds, which can be extended to 425 pounds.

In my view, this fantastic 12-foot large trampoline comes in blue and is round, which cheerleaders can use for learning several tricks. The frame is 2.9 feet tall, and you will receive eight net poles and 6 feet of safety net. Moreover, this design is stable and safe to use for everyone.

This trampoline offers 72 springs that are rust-free, plus the jumping mat is anti-UV, and I think both contribute to providing you with a great jumping experience. As far as the assembly procedure is concerned, I’m sure this 12ft trampoline can be installed without difficulty.

Steel is used in the manufacturing process, and the frame of this trampoline is made with Alloy steel which is water-resistant and rust-proof. For safety, the springs are covered with pads that are thick and durable. In my opinion, some joints and W-shaped legs are also manufactured with steel. Moreover, the bouncing mat is made of PP, which is UV-resistant.

List of Features

  • It comes with a no-gap safety net mechanism
  • Offers a rain cover
  • It is comfortable to use
  • You can get extra springs
  • Provides wind stakes for the stability
  • Net poles are much longer
  • Comes in an affordable price.
  • Easy to install product.
  • It is durable enough.
  • Claims warranty.
  • Affords good weight limit.
  • Has a large jumping space.
  • The ties of the safety net may rip off after six months.
  • The foam in the padding may come out and scatter after some time.

CalmMax Trampoline – Cheer trampoline

This is our following cheerleading trampoline from CalmMax, which has a length of 12 feet. I’m sure it can also be used for recreational purposes, offers a good weight capacity for cheerleading practices, and gives a fantastic performance. I think there will be a safety net, a ladder, and other things in the package.

The CalmMax’s this model has a jumping zone of 12 feet. According to my knowledge, the springs of this trampoline are rust-free, and the enclosure net is sturdy and stable. This brand is distinguished because it does not cut corners regarding product quality. You’ll also receive bouncing pads and a sturdy steel frame.

CalmMax’s trampoline is designed with safety and includes all necessary safety measures. And, for your safety, it is subjected to ASTM testing before being approved. It also has a 6-foot enclosure net to keep adults from slipping off the trampoline. It can also support a maximum weight of 400 pounds.

This trampoline would be green in color and circular in shape. I believe CalmMax is much more centered on quality and safety aspects, and its design can accommodate numerous users simultaneously. With a 12-foot space, I think you can have an exciting cheerleading experience.

Along with 72 galvanized springs, the jumping mat is made of polypropylene. In my opinion, the large jumping area adds more to your experience and provides good jumping performance. When it comes to installation, you can straightforwardly assemble it through the step-by-step instructions.

Polypropylene, steel, and foam are the primary ingredients used in this trampoline production. The safety net comes with UV resistance which I think is not allowed to fade under the sun outside. Moreover, the steel frame is water-resistant, and along with this trampoline, you will also get U-shaped legs.

List of Features

  • The frame is heavy-duty
  • It comes with a gapless mechanism
  • All the components are rust-proof
  • The frame has three layers of process
  • Offers high bouncing
  • It is built to last
  • Approved by ASTM
  • It can withstand harsh weather
  • Provides a wide jumping space
  • You can replace the parts in case of any fault
  • Comes with the product warranty
  • Ease of assembly
  • The components of this product may fall apart.
  • This trampoline cant be installed indoors because of its huge size.

Skywalker Trampoline – Best trampolines for tricks

Our next best trampoline for cheerleading is from Skywalker TrampoliYou can use a basketball hoop ifs, which is one of the well-known trampoline brands. You can use a basketball hoop if you want to play while jumping on the trampoline. In my view, an enclosure net is also offered to ensure protection. Along with the 12 feet, it also offers a good weight limit.

Skywalker presents this model which has a sufficient space of 12 feet. The brand also claims a warranty of one year plus comes with all the essential components, which I think meets all the requirements of the users. It is an outside trampoline and you can install it in your backyard.

The safety of the users is a top priority of Skywalker. From my point of view, to meet all the protection requirements, a safety net is installed with the trampoline which does not allow users to fall down the trampoline. Gapless design is there also for the protection concerns. This trampoline has the ability to support a load of 200 pounds.

This 12ft trampoline presents a gapless design that actually eliminates the space or gap between the enclosure net and jumping mat. If you want this product, I think it is available in blue color and round shape. Further, this has enough large bouncing surface and good weight support.

72 springs are provided by this brand which is sturdy and increases the jumping quality by giving you jumps at a good height. The heavy-duty frame and the mat, both are durable and water-resistant enough. As you know, this is a large trampoline; I think you can easily install it with the help of 2 people.

In my perspective, high-quality material is a clear sign of a good quality product, and you should consider it while choosing one. Steel and foam are used in this trampoline to ensure stability and durability for a long time. Furthermore, it also offers reinforced T-sockets at each safety net joint and leg for stability.

List of Features

  • Safety is first priority
  • Comes with a patented design
  • There’s no gap between the mat and the safety net
  • You’ll have a warranty
  • Allows you to enjoy endless entertainment
  • Tested by ASTM
  • It has a maximum weight capacity
  • Durability factor
  • Comes with basketball hoop
  • Well-built trampoline
  • The installation procedure is not tough
  • You can have it within your budget
  • The safety poles may break after some time.
  • While jumping, the legs may slip out of the fitting.

Doufit Trampoline – Best trampolines for cheerleading

Doufit is a trampoline that has a 12-foot jumping surface. In my opinion, it may be set up in your backyard and used for various cheerleading activities. I think it has a safety net and a ladder for simple trampoline access to meet the safety criteria. Furthermore, this trampoline is available at a reasonable price and has a decent weight capability.

This Doufit model has a 12-foot length, which means you’ll have plenty of room to jump. TR-06 is the name of this model from Doufit, which is, I think, a giant trampoline. In my view, this package includes reinforced frame joints, a steel frame, and other necessary components like springs along with pads for safety, a ladder, and an enclosure net.

Sturdy and welded frame joints are included for safety reasons to keep the cheerleaders safe. I think you’ll get a safety net with a ladder for simple and easy access. The enclosing net is secured with a spring pad to prevent getting trapped in the springs. The maximum weight capacity of this trampoline is 425 pounds.

This is for your king’s backyard, and I’m sure cheerleaders will get enough vast jumping space. This is an excellent option with a length of 12 feet and a weight capacity of 425 pounds. From my perspective, this trampoline comes in a round shape with black color. Along with other components, it also has 6 U-shaped legs and wind stakes as well.

Doufit provides 72 sturdy and galvanized springs to enhance and increase the bounce quality of this trampoline. In my view, they can also make your experience adventurous and enjoyable. For easy assembly, I think there will be installation videos on their page which will help you a lot in putting it together.

From my point of view, the material of a product especially trampolines matters a lot. The sturdy and durable steel is used,s use,d which also contributes to and adds to the trampoline’s life. As far as the jumping mat is concerned, it is made of polypropylene and the frame joints are manufactured with steel.

List of Features

  • An enclosure net comes with a zipper lock
  • Offers an elastic jump
  • The frame has 3 layers
  • The jumping mat is made of high-quality material
  • The net is sealed with soft foam sleeves.
  • It can be a great gift
  • Price is reasonable
  • It has the ability to face different weather challenges
  • Easy and clear assembly
  • Affords good weight
  • Comes with windstakes for no-shaking experience
  • Claims the warranty of one year
  • It may not be worth your money.
  • The safety net may rip off when there is windy weather.

AOTOB Trampoline – Best trampoline for cheerleaders

Our next product is from AOTOB and this trampoline is for users who are beginner cheerleaders. I think for cheerleading, you require a large surface for jumping and learning a number of tricks plus stunts. This trampoline offers a length of 12 feet, and other components are included in the package, such as a basketball hoop, etc.

AOTOB has a variety of models but this model has a jumping space of 12 feet which is good enough for your adventurous experience. I think there will be an enclosure net,  basketball hoop, heavy-duty bouncing mat, springs, and others in the package. You will also get a free-of-cost ladder along with the storage bag.

To ensure the safety of the users, AOTOB has also offered some essential features such as a ladder, an enclosure net plus a foam sleeve. I think you’ll have a ladder and a foam sleeve to ensure safety, and for easy access,s, and a safety net is installed to offer users safe jumping exposure. Moreover, this trampoline has the capability to afford the weight of 400 pounds.

The design is quite appealing because I think it offers an enclosure net along with the zipper style which allows users to get in and out easily. In my view, you can also enhance the quantity of the buckles for the zipper, and it will also let you increase the protection features. If you are interested in purchasing this model of AOTOB, you can get it in a round shape and apple green color.

The jumping mat is rust-resistant, and an appealing number of springs that are safely attached to the jumping pad improves the bounce quality and gives you an impressive performance. An easy installation procedure is crucial because I think it won’t take much of your time. Further, this product comes with ease of installation.

In this trampoline, a variety of materials are used such as foam, steel, and polypropylene. The bouncing mat is rust-proof and this trampoline is outdoor, so I think the color or shades will not fade. Further, this trampoline is durable enough that it can face all weather conditions which means you can use it in any weather but with safety.

List of Features

  • Safety is the prior responsibility
  • Jumping pads are there for covering the springs
  • It has a wide jumping surface
  • Comes with 5 legs and 6 balanced contact points
  • A safety net has a zipper mechanism
  • It will not fade under the sun
  • Offers great weight load
  • There are sleeves of foam
  • Components are sturdy
  • Convenient to use
  • No-shaking jumping experience
  • A good quality trampoline
  • The jumping mat may not fit well or properly.
  • The instructions in the manual are not given properly.

Giantex Trampoline – Best trampolines for cheerleaders

Our next product to be discussed is the Giantex trampoline which is able to offer you a length of 12ft. In my opinion, it can be used by kids, teens, and adults for various purposes. The pipes of this trampoline are quite thick and it’s an outdoor trampoline that can be easily installed along with a safety net and ladder as well.

This is a model of Gintex Trampolines and you can have a jumping space of 12ft which is, I’m sure sufficient for practicing different cheerleading stunts. For assembly, you will have a detailed manual plus it has a unique design. Don’t worry about the safety because all the safety features are kept in mind and this product provides secure bounce.

Safety comes first for this brand because I think this brand is trustworthy. In my opinion, you will find no gap between the jumping mat and enclosure net, eliminating the risks. Additionally, the safety net and the ladder are also to ensure the users’ safety. As far as the weight limit is concerned, which is not mentioned clearly.

In this trampoline, a self-locking frame structure is designed which can be assembled in hours. I’m sure you’ll get sturdy steel pipes with a rust-proof zinc layer. All the essential parts are included and durable because of the high build quality. If you are interested, you can have this 12ft product in a round and blue color.

This ASTM-approved trampoline offers steel springs in a good quantity which is not mentioned; however, I think the jumping mat also contributes to giving its users a reliable bouncing experience. If you are worried regarding its installation process, then don’t be because that is simple and easy.

Steel and polypropylene, both are used in this trampoline which also makes sure the quality of the product and the durability factor as well. Pipes come with a zinc layer and the frame is heavy-duty plus sturdy. Moreover, the bouncing mat is also manufactured with quality material. In my view, this good quality material also increases the lifespan of the trampoline.

List of Features

  • It offers security features
  • No-gap design or structure
  • Hot-dip technology
  • The safety net comes with a foam sleeve
  • It has U-shaped legs
  • It offers good jumping exposure
  • It is UV-proof and water-resistant
  • Easy Installation
  • Comes with a ladder
  • Supports good weight
  • A unique design
  • Good quality and comfortable
  • The springs of this trampoline may rip off after a few uses.
  • Instructions are not clear for assembly.

JUMPZYLLA Trampoline – Trampoline for cheerleading

JUMPZYLLA is a brand that offers a 12-foot trampoline for an affordable price. Out of all the best trampolines for cheerleading, this is our following product. I think it comes with plenty of jumping space and a high weight capacity, ensuring a fantastic bouncing experience. I believe it also comes with rust-proofing and all necessary components and functions.

A model from JUMPZYLLA provides you with a spacious and open leaping area for your fantastic cheerleading exercise. If you ask me about its jumping surface, that is 12-foot lengthy. There would be a large number of rust-resistant springs available. If you wish to have a trampoline for cheerleading, you can have a plastic ladder available, and delivery is swift.

This trampoline also includes safety elements such as a ladder for simple access and 12 feet of space for protection. In my opinion, an enclosure net is installed all around the trampoline to provide protection. The weight limit on this trampoline is 113 pounds, however, it can be increased to 330 pounds.

This design comes in black color and has a round form. The trampoline’s components, such as the frame, springs, and jumping pad, are also rust-resistant and water-resistant. I think it’s an outdoor trampoline that can resist a variety of weather conditions. You will receive a trampoline that is 12 feet long and is intended to fulfill all of your needs.

From my point of view, a sufficient quantity of rust-proof and coated springs offer you a good bounce quality. The heavy-duty frame and jumping pad also contribute to the enhancement of bouncing. In my opinion, the Assembly procedure of any product especially trampolines should be easy and simple, this trampoline also comes with ease of assembly.

In this trampoline, foam and plastic are specifically used and this plastic is not a low-quality material. The frame of this trampoline is manufactured with Alloy steel which is water-resistant. Moreover, I think the legs are for stability and coated with powder. Apart from other things, a ladder is also included in the package.

List of Features

  • It comes with double rust protection
  • The safety net is 360 degrees lengthier
  • Bars are padded with foam
  • The frame is quite sturdy
  • It’s a new generation trampoline
  • It’s long-lasting
  • Offers quick delivery
  • Has the ability to lift a good weight
  • Comes with a luxury ladder
  • Simple and easy installation procedure
  • It is durable
  • Provides enough safety features
  • The beam of this product may be twisted and keep popping out.
  • The parts may not fit properly such as enclosure net etc.

Merax Trampoline – Affordable trampoline for cheerleading

Our next item is the Merax 12-foot trampoline, which is, I think, a terrific size. In my opinion, this brand is dependable, and this trampoline could be an excellent choice for you. It also has a good weight restriction and plenty of room for bouncing. Plus, it’s a large, outdoor trampoline you’ll need to set up in your backyard.

This Merax model has a bouncing area of 12 feet, which is more than enough for various cheerleading exercises. An enclosing net with U-shaped legs would be provided. They also have some galvanized springs and pad poles. In my view, it comes with a blue frame pad and is designed with the users’ safety in mind.

In my opinion, a safety net is included in the package which won’t let the users fall down the trampoline. A ladder is available for easy access to and from the trampoline for extra safety. Furthermore, this Merax trampoline has a weight capacity of 660 pounds, which is rather impressive.

You can get this 12 feet trampoline in blue and yellow color, and in a round shape. In my opinion, this is designed so that you’ll also have a basketball hoop that you can use while jumping on the trampoline. Along with enough jumping space and weight limit, I think this trampoline can be your best cheerleading partner.

From my perspective, this trampoline can provide its users with superior bouncing along with the 72 galvanized springs and other essential parts as well, which contribute. I think the jumping mat is woven tightly so that it can add more to bounce quality. You’ll need one to two helpers for putting it together.

In the production of this trampoline, steel and foam are utilized. I think the legs are made with rust-proof steel because they do not allow the trampoline to shake while jumping on it. Further, the padded poles are foamed which also supports UV-resistant safety. Moreover, this trampoline has the capability to maintain durability.

List of Features

  • Comes with a basketball hoop
  • Offers a heavy-duty ladder
  • Superior and impressive bounce
  • Provides stability
  • Supports UV-proof safety
  • Comes with a double-pull zipper
  • It values your money
  • Sturdy and durable
  • It is a large trampoline
  • Great product
  • Affords good weight
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • You may not find this trampoline worthy due to a few reasons.
  • This trampoline may be damaged due to wind.

ORCC Trampoline – Runner Up

Our next trampoline is from ORCC which is a 10 feet trampoline. It offers all the safety features along with the quality of the product. Moreover, I think it can lift a good weight, and it is a large trampoline to be installed in your backyard. In my opinion, it allows cheerleaders to jump on it and perform or practice a variety of stunts and tricks.

This model of ORCC trampoline has a jumping space of 10 feet and comes with a safety net, safety padding, wind pegs, rain cover, etc. I believe this round trampoline has a decent weight capacity and is easy to set up. The trampoline’s structure is made of stainless steel and is extremely sturdy.

I think the ORCC trampoline is much more concerned about the user’s safety. An enclosure net is provided, which I think prevents accidents or falls, and safety pads cover the springs. A three-step ladder is also included in the package. This ORCC trampoline has a maximum weight capacity of 450 pounds.

The heavy-duty frame’s tube is 42 mm in diameter and 1.5 mm thick, and the safety net is 6 feet tall. I think the frame’s cover is 20 mm thick, and the wind stakes are 10 inches long. This trampoline is available in a round shape and is blue in color. I believe it has a 10-foot length, and this design comes with durability features.

You’ll get 64 springs along with this trampoline if you are interested in having this cheerleading trampoline. Moreover, the jumping mat is made of mesh materials, which increases the bouncing quality. In my opinion, a detailed manual for the assembly instructions is included, which can make the installation procedure easy.

For making this product of ORCC, steel is used and the safety net, which ensures the protection of its users, is manufactured with polypropylene. From my point of view, this net is padded with foam, and this trampoline’s frame is also made with stainless steel to ensure durability. You’ll have W-shaped legs for stability reasons as well.

List of Features

  • Comes with safety pads
  • Offers rain cover and wind stakes
  • Provides 2 pairs of gloves
  • It’s a great outdoor trampoline
  • Safe to use
  • It offers super bouncing
  • It has a good weight capacity
  • Easy set up
  • Comes with instructions
  • Durability Aspect
  • It is rain-proof
  • Safe and secure
  • This trampoline may not withstand windy weather.
  • The enclosure net may not provide safety.

Sportspower Trampoline – Runner Up

This is our last but not the least product to be reviewed for cheerleading. Sportspower is a trampoline with a length of 12 feet, which is good enough for cheerleaders to learn and practice a variety of jumping stunts. In my opinion, the enclosure net is high enough and all the components are made of high-quality material.

From my point of view, a model from Sportspower Trampolines can provide you with a large surface for bouncing safely and securely. The net and its poles are made of steel-flex plus it has a great load limit for its users. I think you will get a quality product construction so go for it if you find it appealing.

In my view, without safety features, a trampoline will be nothing more than a risky tool of enjoyment especially when it comes to cheerleading. There is a safety net around the trampoline which maintains the safety of the users. Plus the weight capacity of this trampoline is not mentioned clearly.

From my perspective, it has a sturdy design that offers a heavy-duty frame that is patented with T-welded legs, plus the out edge is filled with foam. I think this is designed this way to ensure the trampoline’s stability while jumping. Hmm, you can get this product in blue and round shape.

This brand is offering a good quantity of springs which is 96 and along with this majority, I’m sure the bounce quality can be enhanced or increased. You can safely jump on the high-quality bouncing mat. Additionally, if you ask me about the installation procedure of this 12ft trampoline, it is not hard because you’ll have a manual for that.

When you seek or choose a trampoline, I think it’s your foremost responsibility to make sure whether it is made of high-quality or low material because it also decides the durability of a trampoline. In my opinion, the material is not mentioned directly for this trampoline however it is sturdy and withstands harsh weather conditions or challenges.

List of Features

  • Meets all the ASTM standards
  • Comes with a sturdy design
  • Provides safe jumping
  • It can be a reliable choice
  • Steelflex technology is used
  • Offers high bounce with low impact
  • It’s a stable and durable product
  • User-friendly
  • Offers all essential parts
  • Comes with Heavy duty frame
  • Water-kit is included in the package
  • Provides instructional manual
  • The jumping mat may fall apart after a while.
  • The legs folded up underneath it and then collapsed.

List of Cheerleading Stunts and Tricks on a Trampoline

In my view, cheerleaders enjoy jumping a lot and practicing different stunts on them. The competition is high and cheerleaders should try something new but with safety. If you are a beginner and don’t know which stunts and tricks are actually or can be performed on a trampoline, then you don’t need to worry because here are some of them. Let’s get into the details!

Toe Touches

I think you should start with easy moves that do not require much effort. In my opinion, toe touches are one of the moves or tricks which are performed on the trampoline. For that purpose, you first have to jump, then after jumping try to come in a sitting position and touch your toes.

Forearm Lifts

In my view, some stunts require two partners for their accomplishment. Firstly, you need a partner for this exercise then proceed to the next step. In this drill, your partner will hold your arms out in front of them. After that, it will be your turn to grab his or her arms and push yourself to bounce.


In this drill, you’ll also need a partner; without a partner, you can’t perform it. In my opinion, this is also for safety purposes because it eliminates the risks. Moreover, to perform and practice, your partner will hold onto your wais; during this, you’ll have to help him or her lift by bouncing.


I think you do not need a partner in this move because you can do it all alone while jumping on a trampoline. From my perspective, you’ll have to jump at height and keep your arms straight during bouncing. After that, you’ll need to lift your legs until you are in a V form and then there will be time to put your legs down for the landing.


To perform this stunt, I think you need a large surface trampoline otherwise it can be risky. In my view, you can do this without any partner however don’t do this without the supervision of an expert. In this drill, you need to jump high, and then you’ll have to twist a few times depending on your stamina and skills.

Tuck & Half Twist

If you are a starter, you need to start from the basics. For that purpose, I think you’ll have to put your knees to your chest and then touch your shins when you are at the height of the bounce. For another, in my view, you need to turn your body at the top of the jump to face the other direction on the way down where you started.

Jumping Jack Bounce

In my opinion, your responsibility is to ensure that your legs are opened shoulder-width apart each time you land on the trampoline. Then, you’ll need to focus on your hands and give them a scissor position. Now, I think it’s time to keep an equal slow rhythm for at least 10 counts and you can resume your basic bounce while staying in the middle.

Cheerleading on Trampoline Safety Rules

From my perspective, when you practice on a trampoline different moves and stunts, you need to perform them safely otherwise it can be risky for you and you may get injured. Because I think cheerleading can be dangerous and the competition is high in that as well and for that reason, cheerleaders need to learn and practice a variety of risky tricks. However, here are some safety tips that you should follow while performing stunts on the trampoline such as;

  1. There should be someone to keep an eye on you.
  2. Do some exercise activities under the supervision of an expert.
  3. Equip thick pads around the trampoline.
  4. Do stunts and tricks on a dry trampoline.
  5. Develop your skills, you should have experienced coaches.
  6. Use a trampoline with an enclosure net.
  7. Jump on a trampoline with a gapless design.
  8. Do not wear something such as jewelry and other objects as well.

Frequently Asked Question

Do trampolines help with cheer jumps?

Of course, I think trampolines help the cheerleaders to practice and jump on them. I believe the cheerleaders should also be strong, flexible, and capable of jumping and performing different stunts and tricks such as tumbling, jack jumps, lifts, toe touches, and others with low risks of getting hurt.

What are the most difficult jump stunts in cheerleading?

For a starter, I’m sure all the stunts and moves are difficult initially; however, some stunts are still challenging to do, and they can be dangerous simultaneously. I think the bent knee is one of the most challenging jump stunts, and it faces a crowd on one side of the hurdle and the ground hurdle in the front.

How do you get better toe touches for cheerleading?

In my opinion, there are different ways to improve your toe touches for cheerleading which you can avail yourself of as a beginner. Before starting the practice, I think you must stretch and do at least three leg lifts. After that, you’ll be required to do high side kicks and, in the last, throw your toe touch. From my point of view, you can even follow drill tips for each body part to improve the toe touches.

How do I make my cheer kicks higher?

To improve your cheer kicks or jumps, I think you can follow some drills because they will help you out in offering high kicks. In my view, you can go for a straddle stretch because it is one of the ways to improve and provide high jumps. Moreover, then there comes to straddle lifts, seated toe touches, jump conditioning drills, or exercise and squat jumps.

What to wear to trampoline class?

For a trampoline class, from my perspective, you should wear clothes that feel comfortable while jumping and don’t irritate you. I would recommend that you should wear loose-fitting clothes during training sessions to maintain your comfort. Moreover, you can also go for leggings and T-shirts plus you should avoid wearing socks.

How to jump higher on a trampoline?

Before jumping on the trampoline, I think you should warm up your body by doing some stretching or cardio exercise activities. After that, in my opinion, you can do a few exercises which will assist you in jumping at height, such as squat jumps, deadlifts for the muscles legs and jumping on the box, etc.

Other Models that We Didn’t Added to the List

If none of the included Trampoline got your interest, then we’ve compiled a list of all trampoline models that we chose during our research!

Trampoline NameWeight Limit (lbs)Frame Size (feet)Spring Count
FlipZone Elite3001580
FlipZone Pro2751368
AirLeap Pro3001580
CheerLeap Pro2501472
BounceZone Elite2001264
AirZone Pro2751368
JumpZone Elite2751368
CheerFlight Pro2501472
AirSurge Elite3001580
BouncePro Elite2751368
CheerSurge Elite2501472
AirFlight Pro3001580
CheerZone Elite2501472
SpringSurge Elite2751368
AirZone Elite2751368
CheerLeap Elite2501472
SpringFlight Pro2751368
AirElite Pro3001580
BounceLeap Pro2751368
CheerPro Elite2501472
JumpSurge Elite2751368
AirSurge Pro3001580
FlipZone Elite Pro2751368
CheerZone Pro2501472
SpringSurge Pro2751368
BounceElite Pro2251264


I believe cheerleaders enjoy jumping on a trampoline and learning a wide range of tricks, stunts, and moves.

If you are looking for a trampoline for the cheerleaders, I suggest that you must choose it wisely and carefully.

Before you have a cheerleading trampoline, you must consider all the safety features such as the enclosure net, ladder, and components. Without safety features, the trampoline will be risky for the cheerleaders.

You can also choose from the above-discussed trampolines because those are the ten best trampolines for cheerleading. I think you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of the product, especially when it comes to a trampoline. Now, Good Luck For Your Best Trampolines For Cheerleading!

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