10 Best 2 Person Trampolines for 2023

As we know 18.5 percent of children from the ages of 2 years to 19 years are obese. That is a sobering statistic that is heartbreaking, much more so since obesity is preventable. By integrating more movement and activity into your kid’s daily schedule, as well as watching what they eat, you can hold your kid back from becoming one of those statistics.

Parents find themselves in a consistent battle to get their kids away from tech and outside. Luckily, a youngster’s 2 person trampoline is an extraordinary method for achieving this objective! Trampolines promote fun physical activity, pumping their little hearts and working on their coordination. Regardless of whether you have space outside, you can find an indoor trampoline for little children who just figured out how to walk – they’ll figure everything out as they go.

Trampolines are a remarkable way for youngsters to get out some energy, and most kids will contribute heaps of time jumping on a trampoline! They are ideal for outside all through the mid-year season and inside during the colder fall and chilly climate.

Trampolines are also perfect for giving kids proprioceptive input, developing fortitude, and getting them to participate in a fun whole-body activity that is suggested by physical and word-related specialists the same.

What are the Best 2 Person Trampolines for 2023?

One of the best 2 Person trampolines with a really good Maximum weight capacity is Zupapa Trampoline 10 ft trampoline with 375 weight capacity.

  1. Skywalker Trampolines
  2. CalmMax Trampoline
  3. Doufit Trampolines
  4. ORCC Trampoline
  5. AOTOB Trampoline
  6. Giantex Trampoline
  7. JUMPZYLLA Trampoline
  8. Merax Trampoline
  9. Indoor Trampoline

Comparison Between Best 2 person Trampolines:

Trampolines are perfect for providing kids with proprioceptive input, developing fortitude, and getting them to participate in a fun whole body movement that is suggested by physical therapists. Here are the top 10 kids’ trampolines we found the best, followed by in-depth reviews:

2 person TrampolinesSizeMax Weight For more
Zupapa Trampoline10 Feet375 PoundsView on Amazon
Skywalker Trampolines12 Feet200 PoundsView on Amazon
CalmMax Trampoline12 Feet400 PoundsView on Amazon
Doufit Trampolines12 Feet425 PoundsView on Amazon
ORCC Trampoline10 Feet425 PoundsView on Amazon
AOTOB Trampoline12 Feet400 PoundsView on Amazon
Giantex Trampoline12 Feet375 PoundsView on Amazon
JUMPZYLLA Trampoline12 Feet400 PoundsView on Amazon
Merax Trampoline12 Feet660 PoundsView on Amazon
Indoor Trampoline for 2 persons12 Feet220 PoundsView on Amazon

Zupapa Trampoline – Best 2 Person Trampolines

According to our research, this trampoline isn’t just light, protected, and quiet; it also gives a better fun way to do exercise. Doing cardio for 10 minutes daily on it is what might be compared to an hour of running. It is one of the best and most famous 2-person trampolines available on the market.

The model number of Zupapa trampoline is Zupapa- B09DD53HFB. As we all know springs are the main cause of the safety and strength of the trampoline, this trampoline has 12 springs to offer impressive bounce. It can withstand as much as 375 pounds of weight. Its product dimensions are ‎25.94L x 17.04W x 6.38H inches and weigh about ‎10.9kg.

It uses the latest “hot-dip galvanizing technology” due to which the frame become anti-rust, and is more stable and long-lasting. It has a unique two-steel joint structure along with W-shaped legs. These legs give a strong base. This trampoline accompanies wind stakes that make it more steady even in a tempest.

Zupapa’s unique design provides excellent bounce quality. Its self-locking frame design does not use screws which makes it sturdier. Moreover, its assembly is simple and less time-consuming.

This trampoline is comprised of excited and rust-proof springs. It comprises an enemy of UV jumping mat that gives more weight limit. Its shafts are cushioned with 10mm froth that safeguards your children from hitting the steel post.

Maximum Weight Recommendation425 Pounds
MaterialPolyethylene, Polypropylene, Steel
Pad TypeSafety Pad
ShapeAlloy Steel
Frame Material48


  1. Hot-dip galvanizing technology.
  2. Much longer net poles.
  3. No-gap design.
  4. Higher quality materials for safety.
  5. Heavy-duty frame.
  6. Self-locking frame structure.
  7. More springs.
  8. Galvanized rust-resistant springs.
  9. Impressive bounce.
  10. Made up of alloy steel.
  1. Durable quality.
  2. No gaps.
  3. Improved springs.
  4. A ladder is present.
  5. Heavy-duty design.
  6. Easy installation.
  7. Comes with a rain cover.
  8. High-strength material is used.
  1. The instructions provided are not clear.
  2. The ladder doesn’t come with the correct strands.

Skywalker Trampolines

If you’re searching for a durable 2 person trampoline for your kids, then this one is a hit. Skywalker Trampolines is well-reputed for producing exceptional yet reasonably priced trampolines.

Its trampoline model is ‎Skywalker Trampolines 12-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline with Enclosure Net – Basketball Trampoline, Blue. It’s a great size for small to medium outdoors, and the heavy-duty materials used for construction will enable it to last longer. The manufacturer makes sure that safety is a top priority. It has a patented design that prevents pinches and exposure to the springs.

Its product dimensions are 144L x 144W x 105.9H inches and weigh about ‎64.54 Kilograms. It can endure as much as 132 pounds of weight. It has tall and padded poles that keep the net up and secure. We loved how sturdy and stable this trampoline feels. The 40 inches wide trampoline comes with an enclosure that protects children from pinching their skin. Its 360° padded handlebar assists in stabilizing the kids as they bounce.

It also features stretch bands rather than springs to protect bouncers’ joints. These trampolines are designed for indoors specifically. They offer good bounce quality as they have springs that are safely located around the outside of the enclosure net. The springs are tightly coiled and crafted from rust-resistant alloy steel that retains its integrity. This makes you bounce throughout continued use. Its installation is easy and time-saving.

BrandSkywalker Trampolines
Maximum Weight Recommendation‎200 Pounds
MaterialFoam, Steel
Pad TypeFoam Pad
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel


  1. Patented design.
  2. No-gap enclosure design.
  3. Rust-resistant galvanized steel frame.
  4. Tightly coiled springs.
  5. UV-resistant.
  6. Vinyl-coated spring pad.
  7. Meets all safety standards.
  8. Available in multiple shapes & sizes.
  9. Easy installation.
  10. 3-year warranty on frame.
  1. 25 durable stretch cords.
  2. A grip bar is present encircling the mesh enclosure.
  3. Durable and high-strength device.
  4. Thick spring padding is present.
  5. Safe for kids’ use.
  6. An enhanced safety net around the lower area is also available
  7. Easy to set up.
  8. Kids do not lose their balance.
  1. Difficult assembly.
  2. The instructions provided are confusing.

CalmMax Trampoline

According to our observations, this trampoline is an ideal choice for larger spaces. It comes in multiple sizes and models. Those starting at the 10-foot size include ladders also. This is exclusively an outdoor trampoline.

Its trampoline model is B08G1G3D6G. It comes with a safety enclosure net that connects to the spring cover. It is designed to eliminate gaps. This trampoline ensures the safety of children. A steel frame and a PP bouncing mat are included with almost all models.

Its package dimensions are ‎58.5L x 20W x 11.5H inches and weigh about 56.25 Kilograms. This trampoline is high-strength and durable. It is made up of high-quality steel and foam. Each trampoline is tested for about 5,000 hours and 20 thousand jumps. This trampoline can also work well for adults, as it can endure up to 400 pounds of weight.

CalmMax trampoline is made from a heavy-duty steel frame that undergoes 3-layer rust-proofing process. All metal components used are galvanized from both inside and out. It also comes with a hard-wearing zinc coating. Visible sections are finished with a UV-resistant coating. This coating protects the trampoline from the sun and gives it a longer life.

It is manufactured with EU standard Polypropylene bounce surface which is why it provides excellent rebounding force. It is much easier to install and set up.

Maximum Weight Recommendation400 Pounds
Pad TypeFoam Pad
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel


  1. A Safe Enclosure for Safe Play.
  2. Heavy-duty frame.
  3. Big Bounce Science.
  4. A soft-touch safety net.
  5. PP bouncing mat.
  6. Built With Durability in Mind.
  7. Bold strong springs.
  8. ASTM safety certified.
  9. Stands the test of time.
  10. Long-lasting material is used for construction.
  • Excellent padding.
  • Great bounce strength.
  • Durable.
  • Heavy-duty.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Beautifully designed.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Built parts may not as sturdy.
  • Make take longer to assemble and set up.

Doufit Trampolines

Doufit Trampolines are one of the best-deigned trampolines and are perfect 2-person trampolines. It has a sturdy steel frame with a thickness of about 1.4mm. The steel frame is galvanized with triple rust proofing and is UV-resistant.

Its trampoline model is ‎TR-06 and is available in black color. It can endure as much as 425 pounds of weight so it is also the perfect trampoline for adults. The trampoline is outfitted with an inside encased net and PVC spring cushion, which makes it more secure to utilize. Likewise, it accompanies 6 U-formed legs and 12 number casing joints with wind stakes. Solid edge joints reinforce the design, though wind stakes work on the strength of the trampoline. It likewise comprises a stepping stool that upgrades security and comfort.

Its size is 12ft and is made up of galvanized and high-quality steel material. This trampoline provides an extraordinary bouncing experience as it is made with EU standard PP mat and large steel drum springs that provides unparalleled force for rebounding.

It is not difficult to gather and set up. All parts are recorded and numbered in the guidance manual. You can search “Doufit TR-06 Assembly Video” to find the video for the setup process on YouTube.

Maximum Weight Recommendation425 Pounds
MaterialGalvanized steel
Pad TypeFoam Pad
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel


  1. It has 425 pounds of user weight capacity.
  2. The instructions let clear & easy assembly.
  3. It consists of 6 u-shaped legs.
  4. It has a safety enclosure net.
  5. This trampoline provides unmatched jumping performance.
  6. It comprises multiple wind stakes.
  7. It is ASTM-approved.
  8. It has reinforced frame joints.
  9. The enclosure net is covered with soft foam sleeves.
  10. Durable jumping mat.
  1. Easy to assemble.
  2. Ideal for the whole family.
  3. Durable.
  4. High-quality materials used.
  5. Provides good value for money.
  6. Excellent rebounding experience.
  7. Safe for kids.
  1. Net may not protect you from hitting the poles.
  2. Good for 2 persons but not for 3 or more.

ORCC Trampoline

ORCC is an outdoor Trampoline for 2 persons whether kids or adults. The latest ORCC trampoline is a great sport and workout device for kids. Its new technology gives better safety and longer life. That is why we included it in this list of the best 2 person trampolines.

Its trampoline model is ‎ML-A44OM-NE10 and comes in blue color. The most recent hot-plunge stirring innovation makes its edge rustproof and more solid. The interesting two-steel joint design gives a strong base to the trampoline. Additionally, it accompanies wind stakes that make the trampoline more steady, especially in a blustery climate.

Its size is 10 feet and can withstand as much as 425 pounds of weight. ORCC trampolines have a total of 108 pieces of heavy gauged springs. These provide great bounce and are anti-rust. Every one of the springs is covered with a sturdy Blue PVC froth cushion to shield your children from injury.

The excited springs guarantee great bounce and make it rust-proof. The jumping PP mat is produced using uncompromising PP material for strength. It is covered with a blue color PE+PVC foam pad. Safety is their primary concern. All ORCC trampolines have approved safe certification, so the trampoline is reliable for kids.

It is very easy to assemble and includes all accessories. The manufacturer offers 2 pairs of gloves and 2 T-Hooks for easy and quick assembly.

Maximum Weight Recommendation450 Pounds
Pad TypeSafety Pad
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel


  1. It is a safe backyard trampoline.
  2. New upgraded technology is used for construction.
  3. It offers a super-bounce trampoline.
  4. It is an excellent outdoor trampoline.
  5. The mat is made from polypropylene material.
  6. The mat surface is waterproof and fade-resistant.
  7. The steel tube frame is made from heavy-duty steel.
  8. The ladder available is anti-skid and is made up of deep galvanized steel.
  9. It consists of u-shaped wind stakes.
  10. A rain cover is also available.
  1. Easy to assemble
  2. Higher quality material
  3. Sturdy design.
  4. Safe for children.
  5. Superb bounce.
  6. All seasons usable trampoline.
  7. Waterproof.
  8. Rust resistant.
  1. Not a beautiful design.
  2. May take longer to set up.

AOTOB Trampoline

It is not easy to find an activity for children that let them enjoy the outdoors while having fun. Aotob trampoline can keep your children entertained for hours and hours while they also burn off energy and have fun at the same time.

Its trampoline model is B09WV428LS and comes in Apple green color. Safety in Trampoline is always a top priority. The jump cushion and the spring cover are so close to keeping away from the foot bottom being gotten by the spring. It has an enlarged plan that upgrades the region utilized for bouncing. It has a strong and rust-resistant steel structure to increase the stability of the trampoline.

Its package dimensions are ‎48L x 22W x 10.2H inches and weigh about 51.39 Kilograms. It can withstand as much as 400 Pounds. Its size is 12 feet. It is designed such that it increases the length of the zipper which makes it easier for kids to enter and exit. The foam sleeve makes sure that if the child hit the frame will not get injured.

The trampoline jumping pad is wear-resistant and is made up of PP material. The trampoline surface will not fade even if used outdoors. The high-strength spring securely interfaces the firmly woven jump cushion and frame. This provides a good bouncing force and a deeper jump. The solid U-shaped feet are also present that make sure there is no shaking when jumping.

AOTOB trampoline is easy to install and set up. All accessories come in a single box, so you can receive all the accessories at one time.

ColorApple Green
Maximum Weight Recommendation400 Pounds
Pad TypeFoam Pad
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel


  1. It has a heavy-duty 2-step ladder.
  2. It consists of a PP material basketball hoop.
  3. It comprises of a storage bag to hold shoes etc.
  4. It has 6 trampoline stakes that ensure safety.
  5. Easy to install.
  6. The increased length of the zipper makes it easier to enter and exit.
  7. The jumping pad is wear-resistant. 
  8. The galvanized springs are durable and sturdy.
  9. It has a capacity of 400 pounds.
  10. It is waterproof.
  1. Good safety features.
  2. Sturdy and durable.
  3. Easy to assemble.
  4. Good value for money.
  5. Water-resistant.
  6. Anti-rust.
  7. Safe for kids.
  8. Good quality.
  1. The net design may not be appealing.
  2. May not last very long.

Giantex Trampoline

Giantex trampoline is a great outside rebounder for kids to just simultaneously. It’s built low to the ground, which makes it ideal for younger kids with shorter legs. This trampoline is roomier than many other trampolines. It also has padded poles and a zippered closure to make it even safer.

Its trampoline model is ‎GT10040+-TW and is available in light blue color. This trampoline is built from galvanized sturdy steel with a reinforced triangular base. This trampoline will withstand rust and water. It has a kid-friendly design.

Its size is 12 feet and has 4 legs. It can withstand as much as 375 pounds of weight. It package dimensions are 144L x 144W x 108H inches. Giantex trampoline is tried for wellbeing to fulfill the guidelines.

There is no hole between the strong-walled-in area net and the bouncing mat that forestalls the coincidental section. It is constructed from heavy-duty steel pipes with a rust-resistant zinc layer. Its frame is durable and fade-resistant which gives it a longer life.

The bouncing mat has passed ASTM tests for UV resistance, offering more reliable jumping experiences. Giantex trampoline offers more steel springs than other trampolines that provide a more comfortable and better-rebounding force.  Besides, it comes with a 100% new safety enclosure net that is attached to the steel pipes through foamed sleeves. This can prevent hitting by accident. The hook-up of the enclosure net makes the installation and assembly easier.

ColorLight Blue
Maximum Weight Recommendation400 Pounds
Pad TypeFoam Pad
Frame MaterialStainless Steel


  1. It has enhanced long steel springs.
  2. It is approved with ASTM.
  3. It has U-shaped legs.
  4. The solid enclosure net protects from clipping.
  5. The foam-padded sleeves protect your kids.
  6. The jumping mat is made of PP materials.
  7. It has no gap structure.
  8. The frame is made of rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant pipes.
  9. It is tear-resistant.
  10. No gap design.
  1. Ensure great bounce.
  2. The legs are sturdy ensuring a long-term use.
  3. High-strength.
  4. Tear-resistant.
  5. No gap between the jumping mat and the enclosure net.
  6. Great weight limit.
  7. Installation is simple.
  8. It’s steady and safe
  1. Poor customer service.
  2. Expensive.

JUMPZYLLA Trampoline

Keeping in mind your kid’s safety, our next recommendation is the Jumpzylla trampoline that comes with innovative curved poles. These poles are designed to protect your kids from injuries. Jumpzylla trampolines comply with ASTM safety tests.

Its trampoline model is JUMPZYLLA- AWD-R12F. Each part of this trampoline is designed carefully considering your kid’s safety. Its main priority is keeping the safety of your kid. Jumpzylla trampoline is beautifully designed to look good for as long as possible.

Its package dimensions are 144L x 144W x 100H and weigh approximately 125 pounds. The frame is galvanized both inside and out. Its legs are powder coated for rust resistance, and its thick foam is waterproof so that it has a longer life. It also has a luxury plastic-covered ladder for easy access and comfortable use for your kids.

The maximum weight recommendation is 400 pounds. Everyone knows how confusing instructions can be. Clear installation instructions are provided with this trampoline on how to set up with the net faster. Installation recordings, videos, and manuals are given with a package that provides clear and easy steps to follow.

It has foam padding on every curved bar for extra protection. It has a protective 360° net emphasizing safety. The entry point is marked by a double zipper buckle lock.

It has sturdy and durable built. The rebounding mat has extra high-density springs, and also a PVC waterproof cover with rust-resistant coating on the frame. The legs are also reinforced for perfect stability.

Maximum Weight Recommendation330 Pounds
Pad TypePVC+Foam
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel


  1. It has foam padding on poles.
  2. It has a protective 360° net enclosure.
  3. It has sturdy built.
  4. It has anti-rust treatment.
  5. A high-quality net is used.
  6. Everything comes in one box.
  7. Dedicated customer service.
  8. Waterproof pad.
  9. Pad is made up of PVC material and foam.
  10. It can bear as much as 400 pounds.
  1. Water-proof.
  2. Rust-resistant.
  3. Made up of alloy steel.
  4. Worry-free bouncing.
  5. Safe for 2 people.
  6. Safe and durable.
  7. Fewer chances of accidents and injury.
  1. A safety net is smaller in size.
  2. Powder coating may not last long

Merax 12FT Trampoline

This 2 person trampoline from Merax is another option that comes with a padded handlebar. It has a 36″ diameter and a higher weight limit than others. Merax focuses on building high-quality products.

Its trampoline model is B07T532RGX. This trampoline focuses on a good and practical build. It is safer for use and going to last longer. You can easily remove this trampoline’s handrail. This mini trampoline has traditional springs, which usually makes for a better rebounding surface.

Its package dimensions are ‎39.37L x 31.5W x 7.87H inches and weigh about 10 kilograms. It can endure weights as high as 660 pounds. It consists of 8 foam padded poles that support UV resistance.

It comprises 72 galvanized springs that securely attach the tightly woven rebounding mat and frame. It offers a superior and impressive jumping experience. It protects your hands and feet from being caught in the gaps as they are all covered with a durable pad.

It has an excellent bounce quality and is easy to assemble and set up. This bouncy and round trampoline will make your kids develop balance skills and promote physical health.

Maximum Weight Recommendation660 Pounds
MaterialPolypropylene, Steel
Pad TypeFrame Pad
Frame MaterialAlloy Steel


  1. It consists of four high-strength u-shaped steel legs.
  2. It has a basketball hoop.
  3. It comprises eight foam-padded poles.
  4. It comes with a high-quality enclosure net.
  5. It has many high-strength springs.
  6. It has a double pull zipper.
  7. It consists of cushioned padding cover.
  8. It has a 360° zippered enclosure net.
  9. It also has a protective net.
  10. It also comes with a double-step ladder.
  • Promotes physical health.
  • Sturdy design.
  • Develop balance skills.
  • Rust-resistant.
  • Water-proof.
  • Easy to assemble and install.
  • Durable.
  • Good value for money.
  • It comes in 3 boxes instead of one and may not be delivered simultaneously.
  • The basket is not adjustable.

Indoor Trampoline for 2 persons

This bigger round bouncing trampoline is available for two persons together. It offers an interactive parent-child workout to make them come closer and have fun together.

Its trampoline model is B0B31GXGFS and comes in blue color. Trampoline exercises enhance the functioning of your organs and make your child healthy. Also, trampoline exercise provides a mechanical stimulus to the bones.

Its package dimensions are 102L x 60W X 11H centimeters and it weighs about 12.7 kilograms. These trampolines ensure to provide you with the best fitness equipment. This trampoline is outfitted with a substantial steel outline. It is wound with a PP bouncing mat and water-evidence PVC cushion covers. This makes the Doufit trampoline a lot more secure presentation for your loved ones.

The soft and sturdy spring cover is wrapped on the spring to prevent your kid’s feet from getting caught. It protects your kid from injury during the bounce. It has clear and easy installation and setup instructions. All parts including hardware are listed and numbered clearly in the instructions.


  1. It has a large and durable frame.
  2. It consists of a closely woven PP mat.
  3. Adjustable height of handrail.
  4. Safe spring pad that is water-proof.
  5. The jumping mat is associated with 40 steel springs.
  6. It has a high-quality foam handrail sleeve.
  7. It comprises reinforced screw threads.
  8. Steel-made reinforced foot pipes are also present.
  9. It has 5 levels of the adjustable handlebar.
  10. It has a safe design & high-quality material is used for construction.
  1. Water-resistant.
  2. Durable.
  3. Adjustable.
  4. Safe for your kid.
  5. Available in multiple colors.
  6. Rust-resistant.
  7. Both indoors and outdoors.
  8. Can bear up to 220 pounds.
  1. Installation may take longer.
  2. It is not fade-resistant.

How do you double bounce someone on a trampoline?

Twofold bouncing is the use of a trampoline by something like two people all the while. The exercises of one bouncer will impact the bounce back of the others. By twofold bouncing, you can bounce much higher than you would assume that you were bouncing alone.

Suppose you’re performing the double bounce with two bouncers. The first will be bouncer A and the subsequent will be bouncer B. Bouncer A is arranged at the focal point of the trampoline and ought to start bouncing. Bouncer B is arranged near the edge of the trampoline and ought to stop. At some point or another, bouncer B needs to start bouncing moreover. Presently, the fascinating part is the timing.

Bouncer A needs to hit the trampoline so it stretches towards the ground. At that point, bouncer B needs to start bouncing. So, bouncer B is catapulting bouncer A higher and higher with every bounce.

If you don’t time your jumps accurately, there won’t be a double-bounce effect. Moreover, individual A will jump less and less, and it will feel like their bounce is being “taken” or “absorbed” by the other bouncer.

Can two persons use a trampoline at a time?

Indeed, utilize two people can utilize the trampoline simultaneously utilizing the twofold bounce trampoline stunt yet permitting each individual, in turn, is more secure. The twofold bounce stunt is quite possibly of the most famous ones out there. Be that as it may, you ought to be cautious while doing this, as there is a high gamble of injury.

Is it safe to use a trampoline with two or three persons?

It is safe to use a trampoline with two or three people but it’s a trust game. It is better to use the trampoline alone. Never start adding different stunts to the twofold bounce right away, basically not until you’ve polished twofold bouncing for some time. Besides, it’s essential to do a couple of solo jumps prior to going into the twofold bounce.

Since twofold bouncing can come down on your spine and knees, guarantee to do a couple of warm-up bounces.

 If you’re not careful, you may suffer from serious back injuries. Another thing to consider is that all of the participants are standing as far from each other as possible, to avoid crashing into each other.

Best 2 Person Trampoline Games

Trampolines are a great source of exercise and it can be extremely fun using them. Following are some of the best 2 person Trampoline games:

Piggy in the Middle

As the name implies, this classic game is given a fresh twist thanks to a bouncy trampoline surface! We suggest using a small-to-medium softball for this trampoline game, and it’s a perfect game for 2 people.

Musical Bounce

As children get older, they develop a bit of a music collection! Involving their favorite songs in a trampoline game will keep it fun and fresh. It’s also great for working up a party atmosphere if they have friends over. ‘Musical Bounce’ is all about keeping the beat.

Crack The Egg

To play this, three players hop on the trampoline. We won’t be doing any bouncing in this game, but it’s still best to not have too many on the Jump Mat at once. Don’t forget to make sure that an adult is always supervising!

Bouncing Air Catch

It is a ball-based game and is perfect for parents who want to get involved in some outdoor activities with their kids. Ensure you have a safe trampoline so bouncing high won’t cause potential injuries. A tennis ball is an ideal size for use in this trampoline game, and it’s best played with 2 players.


What is a good size trampoline for homes?

If you have space and can afford to go with 10 feet rather than 8 feet this is better, as a 10 feet trampoline is a better long-term choice. But an 8 feet trampoline is better if you have a smaller space than having no trampoline.

What is the best size trampoline for an 8-year-old?

The ideal size for 8-year-old kids is 8 feet Trampoline 14 feet Trampoline.

What shape trampoline is best?

Rectangle trampolines provide the best jumping experience and are preferred by most gymnastics. Due to the rectangle shape, the springs work independently. This creates an evenly controlled takeoff.  If safety is your priority then round shape trampolines are best for you.

Is an oval trampoline better than a round?

Yes, because oval trampolines have a larger bouncing surface than round ones. Not only this, but you also get an extra-long rebounding surface from one side to another.

Is a 16 feet trampoline big enough?

Yes, trampolines within the 14- to 16-feet range are the largest in the round shape category. If you plan to get all of your friends on the trampoline, you’ll want such a large trampoline. A 16-feet trampoline is also good if you as a parent want to have fun too along with your kid.

How do I know what size trampoline to buy?

Before choosing your required size, you need to consider the following things:

  • Available space for installation of the trampoline.
  • The age and number of people who will be using the trampoline.
  • The weight of the person using and jumping on the trampoline.

Other Models that We Didn’t Added to the List

If none of the included Trampoline got your interest, then we’ve compiled a list of all trampoline models that we chose during our research!

Trampoline NameWeight Limit (lbs)Frame Size (ft)Spring Count

Conclusion on Best 2 person Trampolines:

Trampolines are a source of great fun as well as a perfect device for working out. The best trampoline for 2 kids is the one that has a safety net and has minimum contact with the springs. The trampoline you choose should be made from durable materials. Make sure you have enough space, including extra space around and above the trampoline. If you do not have enough room, consider a smaller trampoline. Never allow more than the recommended number of kids to jump simultaneously and keep

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