10 Best 16ft Trampolines for Outdoor Fun in 2023

Looking for the best 16ft trampoline, well you should.

Having the best 16ft trampoline which is a large-sized one, it will allow you to have a broad jumping surface and to jump with a good number of users, usually, it is helpful for cheerleaders and gymnasts for their exercises.

According to my research, the most important thing is that large trampolines are usually for the outdoors because for installing them indoors, you need to have a wide ground plus they also take much time while putting them together however; large-sized trampolines offer a great sense of adventure and entertainment.

In this article, I will be reviewing a variety of trampoline brands that are offering the best 16ft trampolines.

There will be a detailed review including the features, design/dimensions, material, weight restriction, safety features, and most importantly, why you should buy and why you shouldn’t buy a particular trampoline as well.

Just stick to this article till the end!

What are the Benefits of Having a 16ft trampoline?

If you ask me, then I would say trampolines offer a variety of benefits according to their sizes and shapes, however, if I talk about the advantages of a 16ft trampoline, it will provide more benefits because it has a large size which allows many kids, teens, and adults to bounce and enjoy on it while jumping. There are other benefits of a 16ft trampoline as well such as;

  1. Allows you to perform different aerobic or fitness activities on it.
  2. Allows you to play a variety of games.
  3. Contributes to your physical growth.
  4. Helps you to strengthen your muscles & bones.
  5. Allows you to enjoy safely.
  6. Allows you to have quality time with your family.
  7. A great source of enjoyment.

Why Should You Get a 16ft Trampoline?

Hmm, well if you are planning to have a 16ft trampoline, before choosing one, you should know the reasons why you should get a 16ft trampoline.

People use a trampoline for different reasons such as fitness or entertainment.

However, a 16ft trampoline can add a lot to your enjoyment because it comes with a good number of useful benefits. There are also some reasons which make this 16ft trampoline appealing such as;

  1. It has a wide jumping space.
  2. It allows you to jump with many users.
  3. You can enjoy different games with your family.
  4. It comes with great weight and age restrictions.
  5. It offers a durable design.
  6. It provides all the safety features.
  7. It comes with an instructional manual for easy assembly.

What are the Recommended Best 16ft Trampolines for 2023?

  1. ORCC Trampoline – ORCC outdoor trampolines have 6FT high Enclosure netting
  2. Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline – GST testing and UV testing approved
  3. Tatub 16FT Trampoline – Excellent Structure and Materials
  4. Skywalker Trampoline – This trampoline boasts weight of 400 pounds
  5. Happy Rectangle Trampoline – Largest jumping mat on the planet
  6. AQUAGLIDE Inflatable Trampoline – Provides good bounce characteristics
  7. Machrus Trampoline – User-friendly instruction manual
  8. LUKDOF Trampoline – Safety net is perfectly connected to the steel tube
  9. Skywalker Oval Trampoline –  Reinforced T-sockets and enclosure joint
  10. JumpKing Trampoline – Rust-resistant galvanized steel frame

Best 16ft Trampolines Reviewed by us:

ORCC TrampolineNew upgraded anti-skid ladder, Deep galvanized steel, detachable ladderView on Amazon
Exacme TrampolineExacme T-series trampoline is our most popular outdoor trampolineView on Amazon
Tatub 16FT TrampolineThis trampoline consists of 108Pcs sturdy and flexible springsView on Amazon
Skywalker TrampolineSkywalker Trampolines goes above and beyond to keep your children safeView on Amazon
Happy TrampolineRectangle trampolines are ideal for gymnastic, cheerleading trainingView on Amazon
AQUAGLIDE TrampolineMade with commercial-grade quality materialsView on Amazon
Machrus TrampolineA high-quality safety net is resistant to tearingView on Amazon
LUKDOF TrampolineThe thickness of the steel has been upgraded to 1.6mm,View on Amazon
Skywalker Oval TrampolineTested to meet all American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) standardsView on Amazon
JumpKing Trampolinekeeps children safe from hazardous pinch pointsView on Amazon

ORCC Trampoline – Best 16ft Trampoline

The first trampoline I reviewed is from ORCC and this trampoline comes with a length of 16 feet. It offers a good weight capacity; you can install it in your backyard and enjoy it with your loved ones. You would get all the crucial accessories along with the enclosure net and the ladder for making sure of the safety.

What about the model?

Well, the ORCC trampoline models provide you with enough jumping space which allows you to jump safely and securely. In the package, the rain cover is also included which does not allow it to get damaged. 

Any safety features?

ORCC keeps the safety of the users on the priority list and for that purpose, it has equipped a safety net of 6 feet. The high-quality enclosure net does not allow the users to fall down and get injured. As far as the weight limit is concerned, it can handle the weight of 450 pounds.

Details on its designs

After my review, I can say that it has an amazing design because it offers a heavy-duty frame that is 43mm in diameter and 1.5mm in thickness. Moreover, this 16ft comes with superior weight capacity along with a water-resistant design. It is available in blue color and in a round shape.

The Bounce Quality

The springs are 7 inches lengthier and 0.6 inches thicker plus made of high-quality material that permits the users to bounce safely and the jumping mat is well-built as well. If I talk about its assembly procedure, it is quite easy and simple with the help of a manual. 

What material used in it?

Foam and steel are specifically used in this product. Moreover, for enhancing the durability of the trampoline, high-quality polyethylene is used. In the enclosure net, there are poles that are padded with 10mm foam. Along with the all-important parts, W-legs are also provided for stability and U-shaped wind stakes are also there.

List of Features:

  • Safe for the kids.
  • Comes with a heavy-duty frame.
  • Offers better bouncing.
  • It’s a high-quality product.
  • It’s UV-resistant and fade-proof.
  • Comes with a rain cover.
  • Provides wind stakes for stability.
  • It’s durable enough.
  • Offers superior weight capacity.
  • Ensures the safety of the users.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Comes with gloves.
  • The frame of this trampoline starts bending at the joints in two places in not installed properly.

Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline – Best 16 ft trampoline

My second reviewed trampoline which is launched by Exacme has a good weight capacity. It is a heavy-duty 16ft trampoline that allows the users to have fun thoroughly. Moreover, it makes sure the protection of kids and springs are also covered for safety plus it is TUV approved.

Information on weight limit

For making sure the safety of the kids, this trampoline is properly tested by TUV and certified too. It is also tested for GST and UV plus for easy access, a ladder is offered. Furthermore, this trampoline also comes with an enclosure net for protection reasons. This product is able to hold the weight of 375lbs. 

Its structure?

Well, you can have this 16 feet trampoline in a round shape and blue color padding. The design of this trampoline is quite appealing and attractive if you ask me. It comes with 6 W-shaped legs and 12 contact points which let the trampoline stable. Along with the heavy-duty frame, it also offers springs of 7 inches which means it has extra bounce. 

Easy assembly?

According to my research, this trampoline includes 72 galvanized springs and high quality bouncing mat which contribute to giving a great jumping experience to the kids. But It’s a large-sized trampoline that needs more time for the installation procedure, however, you can straightforwardly put it together with the help of 2 to 3 people. 

Quality of the trampoline

For manufacturing, steel is used because if you want to check out the quality of the product before that you need to make sure the quality of the product, especially when it comes to a trampoline. Further, it will also add to its durability and UV resistance which will increase the life of your trampoline. If you ask me in the end, I would say that you can still count on this trampoline as it has really nice reviews on Amazon.

List of Features: 

  • It is TUV certified. 
  • Comes with W-shaped legs and contact points.
  • It’s stable and safe.
  • Offers superior bounce. 
  • The rust-proof frame is there.
  • Provides long net poles.
  • It has a good weight limit.
  • It can withstand harsh weather.
  • Ease of assembly.
  • Claims warranty on the components.
  • It’s a good product.
  • Comes with an enclosure net and a ladder.
  • This trampoline may fall apart within a year.
  • Design is not that attractive to some kids.

Tatub 16FT Trampoline – Excellent Structure and Materials

My next best 16ft trampoline is from Tatub which is also a lengthier and large-sized trampoline. This trampoline comes with a unique feature that makes it different from other brands’ and that is the basketball hoop which allows users to play while jumping on the trampoline. Moreover, you can use it for both adults and kids from 6 to 8 years old. 

Is Tatub ideal and excellent choice

Hmm well, model of Tatub can be your ideal and excellent choice which makes your kids physically and mentally strong by playing different games and performing a variety of activities. You’ll get a good number of springs for a great bouncing exposure plus a tough jumping mat is also provided which ensures stability.

Any safety features?

For easy access or on and off, a ladder which is made of steel is included in the package. This trampoline from Tatub is capable of supporting a weight capacity of 330 pounds. Your loved ones can easily use the trampoline with safety because there is an enclosure net that is equipped around the trampoline.

What about the design?

It is designed in such a way that it won’t make you regret it while using it in harsh weather conditions or in the rain because it is UV-resistant and water-proof. If you are interested in having this product, you can have this 16ft product in green and grey color plus it is available in round shape.

Number of springs:

According to online reviews, you’ll have 108 springs that are flexible and come with a combination of elasticity. Apart from these, the high-quality jumping mat also provides a safe, stable and good bounce. Moreover, this anti-rust and anti-UV trampoline can be installed easily without any difficulty. T joints and W-shaped legs are also provided for extra stability. So I can say that it has really good jumping quality.

Its structure details

Polypropylene is the material that makes this product durable enough and UV-resistant. Furthermore, this 16ft trampoline also has the support of high-quality steel. Along with a good weight limit, you can have effective outcomes even in rain and sun. you’ll get the whole trampoline in 3 boxes but won’t be delivered at a time.

List of Features 

  • Offers superb bouncing experience.
  • It has an excellent structure.
  • High build quality. 
  • Safety is the first priority. 
  • Step-by-step instructions.
  • Perfect for the outdoor usage.
  • It is sturdy.
  • Great gift for the kids.
  • Good quality material.
  • It supports good weight.
  • You don’t need to get a ladder separately.
  • Some users don’t recommend buying this trampoline.

Skywalker Trampoline – Skywalker 16ft Trampoline for Kids

Skywalker is one of the well-known brands as we all know which offers high-quality trampolines and this 16 feet trampoline is also by this brand. It has maximum weight capacity and it is properly tested by ASTM to ensure safety concerns.

16 ft trampoline for adults

A 16ft model by Skywalker, on which you can jump safely and have quality time with your family or friends. While keeping in mind all the requirements of the users, this trampoline is designed.

What about weight limits?

I can hold the maximum weight limit of 400 pounds which is a good number. Further, It is tested by ASTM and it meets all the safety standards. Additionally, it also eliminates the gap between the enclosure net and the jumping mat because otherwise the users can get harmed or injured. For ensuring the protection, a safety net is installed as well.

Any reviews on its design?

If you ask me, this 16ft trampoline of Skywalker is available in black color plus round shape. It comes with 12 flex rods for absorbing the effect on the safety net. To sum it up, this product gives you amazing output and performance because of its high construction quality.

Is it easy to assemble?

Yeah, it is easy to assemble if you have a team of 2 peoples with you. Actually In this package, 108 springs are included which are rust-resistant and heavy duty ones plus add into the bounce quality. Through an instructional manual, you can put this trampoline together step by step without getting confused while installing the procedure.

Is it good in material?

As this is a high-quality product that has a good bounce quality and sufficient surface. In the production, steel, polyethylene, and polypropylene are used which are good enough for making this trampoline by Skywalker a durable, stable, and water-resistant one. So, I can say that this trampoline is really good from each angles.

List of Features 

  • Safety is the top priority.
  • It has an epic and amazing performance.
  • It’s a two-toned product.
  • It offers maximum weight limit.
  • It has a gapless design.
  • Allows to enjoy premium jumps.
  • It has a durable steel frame.
  • Promotes the health of the users.
  • Comes with a good weight limit.
  • Safe to Use.
  • It is convenient and user-friendly.
  • Assembly is not hard.
  • It doesn’t have much reviews online.

Happy Rectangle Trampoline – 16 ft trampoline for adults

If you’re looking for rectangular trampoline, then at 5th position I also reviewed Happy Trampoline which is basically offering a rectangular shape. It is a product that is specially made for gymnastic usage and can be installed easily in your backyard.

Is it comes with sufficient jumping space

This model of Happy Trampoline has a sufficient jumping space of 16 feet which can be used by gymnasts and for performing different fitness activities as well. Additionally, it offers springs with a good length and thickness for improving the bounce feature. This product will allow you to have fun with your friends.

Its safety features and weight limit

While keeping in mind all the safety features, this trampoline offers an enclosure net that is equipped around the trampoline for providing a safe jumping exposure to your kids. There is a steel frame that is securely attached to the enclosure net. Moreover, this product can hold a load limit of 750 pounds.

A rectangular shape?

After searching for hours, I found this trampoline designed in a rectangular shape and is specially designed for gymnasts. This 16 feet trampoline is rust-resistant plus it allows users to flip and to do other stuff as well.

Its bounce quality

You would get 138 springs along with a length of 9 inches, a heavy-duty frame, and a mat that is made of mesh material, for enhancing the jumping ability of your trampoline. With the help of 2 to 3 people, you can put it together or assemble it without facing any challenges.

The material

For making this product, polypropylene is used and the padding type is PVC Vinyl. The jumping mat is made of polyester mesh and the frame/springs are manufactured with steel. This high-quality material adds to its durability and so increases its lifespan as well. Moreover, it allows you to have a memorable time with your loved ones.

List of Features 

  • Comes with a massive jumping mat.
  • Offers an enclosure net for safety purposes.
  • It values your investment.
  • Provides the best bounce.
  • Springs can withstand extreme weight.
  • Perfect for gymnasts.
  • Comes with a steel ladder.
  • Meets all safety standards.
  • A unique design.
  • Offers reversible spring pad cover.
  • It can be used for different therapies.
  • Affords great weight limit.
  • The padding on the springs may peel off within two or fewer months if not cared properly.

AQUAGLIDE Inflatable Trampoline – Best 16ft Inflatable Trampoline

One of my readers asked me to give some reviews on an inflatable trampoline, So I found AQUAGLIDE Ricochet Bounce along with a sufficient jumping surface of 16 feet. It’s a good trampoline with a unique design that can float on the water.

Its attractive design

This is an attractive and differently designed AQUAGLIDE Ricochet. You will get a warranty of 3 years on the product and it’s a great source of fun during vacations and weekends with your family and friends. You can connect the essential or optional accessories with the bouncer if you want.

Safety features and weight limit

Talking about its features, it has a sufficient jumping space however kids will need to jump in the middle because there’s no enclosure net for ensuring the protection which can be a negative point of this trampoline. As far as the weight limit is concerned, it is not mentioned clearly though, it can handle more than 3 kids.

Its inflatable design

This trampoline comes with an inflatable design which is perfect for outdoor usage especially on holidays because it can float on water. The C-deck platform which is included in the package allows the kids to boarding easily on the bouncer. Moreover, the depth of the water for this trampoline is 8 feet.

Bounce capabilities

Springs and frames are not used in this trampoline but it’s bouncy enough and without springs, this has the capability to provide a good jumping experience. This is designed for adventure, which also makes you feel adventurous. When it comes to assembly, you can install it through manual if provided. But make sure you have a pond or pool with you because you can’t use it on the outdoor ground or rough surfaces.

The material used in it?

The material of this trampoline is not clearly or directly mentioned but as it can float on water and make for water usage that means it’s durable and made of high-quality material.

List of Features 

  • Easy Boarding access.
  • Provides good jumping quality.
  • It’s fun to use this.
  • It includes the C-Deck platform.
  • Comes with a guarantee.
  • It is made for water recreation.
  • An innovative design.
  • It is constructed with commercial-grade quality material.
  • Available in multi-colors.
  • It’s a good floating product.
  • Durability.
  • Can’t use it on rough ground.
  • Risk of getting punctured.
  • Need extra care.

Machrus Trampoline – 16ft trampoline mat

This is my next best 16ft trampoline from Machrus Upper Bounce which is specially made for recreational or entertainment purposes. Moreover, it provides padding for the springs as well.

Haven’t heard about Machrus

Machus Upper Bounce is presenting this trampoline for a quite long time, which allows you to jump on its broad and large surface. You will get a frame that is powder-coated plus a good amount of the springs as well. Additionally, this product will excite kids and adults as well because of its innovative design.

What about the weight capacity

Safety matters a lot when it comes to jumping on trampolines. For the protection of your loved ones, an enclosure net is installed plus the spring’s padding is well-coated because it will not allow users to get in contact and get harmed. Moreover, the weight limit of this product is 330 pounds.

Is it really worth it?

Kids and adults can have a fun time and adventurous experience because of its fantastic design. It’s a durable trampoline that meets all safety standards and offers safety features as well. You can have this trampoline in a round shape just like other trampolines in this list of best 16ft trampolines.

Is bounce quality good?

In a trampoline, the bounce quality feature matters a lot and with 108 springs, the jumping characteristic of the product increases and provides you with a memorable jumping experience. You may also go for premium springs for extra bouncing. But, I didn’t like the design of this trampoline as it looks clumsy to many users.

List of Features 

  • Comes with an extra-durable jumping mat.
  • Heavy-duty frame.
  • The safety net is included.
  • Safety padding for protection.
  • Springs are heavy-duty.
  • Provides enclosure poles.
  • It’s a stable & water-resistant trampoline.
  • Certified by ASTM.
  • Comes with user-friendly instructions.
  • It’s a perfect gift.
  • Good constructional feature.
  • This trampoline may lose its ability to bounce after some time.
  • The rope which is supposed to tie down the enclosure net may not fit properly.

LUKDOF Trampoline – Best 16 Trampoline

This is a trampoline with an enforced balanced bar and it is a product of LUKDOF which has a sufficient jumping surface. As compared to other trampolines, this has an amazing weight capacity.  

Quality of the trampoline

The safety and quality of the product are the prior priority of the LUKDOF and this 16ft trampoline is large enough for giving an adventurous experience to the kids and adults.

Protection and weight limit

For ensuring the protection not just of the users but also, the safety of the trampoline, high-quality material is used. A 360-degree enclosure net is equipped attached with 6 Balance Bars + 12 Curved Poles which lets the kids jump safely. The weight capacity of this trampoline is 1000 lbs which means it’s a good opportunity for you to have this one.

Jumping mat quality

The jumping mat is made of high-quality material which ensures a good bounce plus 108 springs are there too for enhancing and adding into. These springs are covered for safety reasons and as far as the process of installation is concerned, all accessories are included and you need to put them together through the instruction manual.

So I would say, you can consider this trampoline as your best 16ft trampoline because it has really good weight capacity, the only problem is that it has almost no reviews online.

List of Features 

  • Comes with balance bars and tubes.
  • Offers a set of wind stakes.
  • Provides great bounce and fun.
  • You’ll get all the essential accessories.
  • Includes a stainless ladder.
  • Its sturdiness.
  • Offers a great weight limit.
  • It is rain-proof & water-proof as well.
  • It is a large and bouncy one.
  • Completely satisfied product.
  • Designed while keeping in mind the safety.
  • An ideal choice for the users.
  • Quite expensive.

Skywalker Oval Trampoline – Best 16ft oval trampoline

My reviewed article is about to end and second, last product is again from Skywalker and it is a famous brand however this trampoline comes with a different shape which is oval.

Standards of ASTM

This model of Skywalker is a 16 feet lengthy trampoline that meets all the standards of ASTM and is also approved by them. In this package, all the crucial accessories are included such as the jumping mat, enclosure net, frame, and others as well. It has an appealing weight capacity plus it’s a stable trampoline.

Worried regarding its safety features?

You don’t need to be worried regarding its safety features if you are going to choose this one because it is certified by ASTM. You won’t get any ladder for easy access however, you’ll have an enclosure net that ensures the protection of your kids. Moreover, this has a maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds which means it’s just usable for kids.

Design And Dimensions

Along with a completely different and unique design, it also comes with a unique shape of Oval. This 16 feet big and bouncy trampoline provides a gapless design that does not allow users to get stuck between the enclosure net and jumping mat. If you are interested in buying this one, you can have it in oval shape and green color.

But I really don’t like the design of this trampoline compared to the above trampolines, also the quality of its padding is not really good. And this is totally my thoughts after the vast research.

List of Features 

  • It has a patented design.
  • Comes in an Oval shape.
  • You can have endless fun.
  • Tested by ASTM.
  • You can play a variety of games on it.
  • No-gap enclosure net mechanism.
  • It comes with the durability factor.
  • Offers a rust-resistant frame.
  • Provides Vinyl coated spring pads.
  • Includes safety features.
  • The instructions in the manual are not clearly mentioned.
  • You may not find this one worthy according to your requirements.

JumpKing Trampoline – Rust-resistant galvanized steel frame

This is last trampoline that comes under the list of best 16ft trampolines and that is JumpKing Trampoline. It comes with the certification of ASTM CPSIA compliance. Moreover, you will get a basketball hoop which is a bonus feature of the trampoline and allows you to have extra fun.

Jumpking? Never heard of it

You may never heard of this brand because it is not really famous. But this model of JumpKing is a 15 feet trampoline that is galvanized and made of steel. There is also a safety net which makes sure the safety of the kids.

The design and dimensions

This trampoline of JumpKing is available in the length of 15 feet plus you can have it in a round shape and black color. The frame comes with 7 legs along with 7 poles which are rust-proof. Apart from these things, a basketball hoop is included in the package which is a great way of enjoyment.

Ease of assembling

Along with the 98 rust-resistant and water-proof springs, you can have a great jumping experience. The high-quality frame and jumping mat also increase and enhances the bounce quality. Through the instructions included in the package or trampoline, it is quite easy to assemble this durable trampoline.

But main problem with this trampoline is that no one really knows about this trampoline and replacement parts are not really easy to find for it.

List of Features 

  • Comes with legs and poles.
  • Safety enclosure system.
  • Offers a bonus feature.
  • Certified by ASTM & CPSIA.
  • Available in black and orange color.
  • High-quality material.
  • Keeps the children safe & secure.
  • Rust-resistant & water-proof.
  • Meets all standards of ASTM.
  • Great weight limit.
  • T-connectors for extra stability.
  • You may feel difficulty while installing it.
  • You’ll have to get a ladder on your own.
  • Not much reviews online.

Why should you do trampolining?

If you ask me then trampolines can be used for a variety of reasons but it is up to you why you want to have a trampoline at your place. Bouncing on a trampoline can change your mood if you are feeling sad or upset, you can jump on it and make your mood good or atleast it happened with me.

If you are depressed/stressed or you have anxiety issues, then you can also use a trampoline for improving your mental condition.

Moreover, trampolines are a great source of entertainment, especially for autistic and ADHD kids, teenagers and adults. You can use them for fitness purposes as well and for improving your physical health as well.

Why should you do trampolining?

Why do most homeowners invest in trampolines?

Homeowners spend money on the trampoline because it’s a great source of entertainment plus it also helps in improving mental and physical health as well.

Kids and even adults get excited when they have a trampoline and they enjoy it a lot along with an adventurous and safe jumping experience.

Parents or homeowners can allow their kids to bounce while keeping an eye on them. They can enjoy and also perform fitness activities at the same time.

Is trampoline really a good source of enjoyment?

Yes, trampolines are a good source of enjoyment because they give you a sense of excitement and entertainment.

If you have a trampoline, you can spend a quality and best time with your loved ones, especially on weekends and vacations, trampolines can add more into your happiness.

You can install them outdoors and while inspecting your kids, you can give them a good time and it will also boost their energy and strengthen their muscles simultaneously. Even in winters, trampolines can help you in warming yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a good size trampoline for adults?

Good size trampoline for adults ranges from 14 to 16 feet in a round shape. When you look for a trampoline, especially for adults, you’ll definitely need a trampoline with a good weight limit and size. If you have a plan to enjoy yourself with your friends, then it should be at least 14 feet in diameter.

What is the best size trampoline for an 8 year old?

Usually, indoor trampolines are just for the small kids or toddlers however for an 8-year-old child, you’ll need an outdoor one. The best trampoline size for them ranges from 8 to 14 feet because that will have enough weight restriction plus a jumping surface too. So, make sure the size before you have a trampoline.

What shape of trampoline is best?

It depends on you for which purpose you want to have a trampoline because some trampolines are hard and can be dangerous to use for a normal user. I would suggest having a round-shaped one because it is usually used for recreational purposes. The rectangular one has a great bouncing quality however they are perfect for athletes and gymnasts.

Is an oval trampoline better than a round?

When an oval trampoline is compared with a round one, it means that the first one comes with a wide jumping space and the round one doesn’t. Both have almost similar designs however, the oval one is safer than the round one. Because it comes with two center points but if one person jumps then both round and oval can be compared.

Is a 16 ft trampoline big enough?

Of course, it is big and large enough because it offers you a broad jumping surface and also provides a great weight limit. With this 16 feet trampoline, you can have fun with a good number of people securely. You may go for this one and it is an outdoor trampoline which can be installed easily.

How do I know what size trampoline to buy?

It’s not hard to figure out because you can easily do this by measuring your yard and then you can decide which one you should have for your family. As trampolines come in different sizes such as 8 feet which is quite large however, you may go according to your requirements.

Other Models that We Didn’t Added to the List

If none of the included Trampoline got your interest, then we’ve compiled a list of all trampoline models that we chose during our research!

Trampoline NameWeight Limit (lbs)ShapeSpring Count
SuperBounce Ultra 16FT500Round96
JumpAir Pro 16FT550Round108
BounceMaster Elite 16FT600Round120
FunZone MaxiTramp 16FT450Round88
AirJump Supreme 16FT400Round80
TrampX Pro 16FT550Round104
BounceZone Mega 16FT500Round96
JumpBlast Xtreme 16FT600Round112
AirJump Pro 16FT450Round92
BounceMaster Plus 16FT550Round100
FunZone SuperTramp 16FT500Round88
BounceAir Max 16FT550Round96
JumpZone MegaTramp 16FT600Round108
AirBlast Pro 16FT450Round88
BounceX Ultra 16FT500Round96
FunAir Elite 16FT550Round104
JumpMaster SuperTramp 16FT600Round112
BounceZone Pro 16FT450Round92
AirZone MaxiTramp 16FT500Round88
TrampBlast Supreme 16FT550Round100
FunJump Pro 16FT500Round96
JumpZone Elite 16FT550Round104
BounceAir SuperTramp 16FT600Round112
AirBlast MaxiTramp 16FT450Round88
BounceX Elite 16FT500Round96
FunZone Ultra 16FT550Round100
JumpMaster Pro 16FT600Round108
BounceZone SuperTramp 16FT450Round92
AirZone Elite 16FT500Round88
TrampBlast MaxiTramp 16FT550Round96
FunAir SuperTramp 16FT600Round104
JumpZone Ultra 16FT450Round88
BounceAir Elite 16FT500Round96
AirBlast Ultra 16FT550Round104
TrampX Supreme 16FT600Round112
FunJump MaxiTramp 16FT450Round92
JumpAir Elite 16FT500Round88
BounceMaster Ultra 16FT550Round96
AirZone Pro 16FT600Round100
BounceX SuperTramp 16FT500Round96
TrampBlast Elite 16FT550Round104
FunAir Ultra 16FT600Round112
JumpZone Pro 16FT450Round92
BounceAir MaxiTramp 16FT500Round88
AirBlast SuperTramp 16FT550Round100
TrampX Elite 16FT500Round96
FunZone Pro 16FT550Round104
JumpMaster Ultra 16FT600Round112
BounceZone Elite 16FT450Round92
AirZone MaxiTramp 16FT500Round88
TrampBlast Pro 16FT550Round96
FunJump Elite 16FT600Round104
JumpZone SuperTramp 16FT450Round88
BounceAir Elite 16FT500Round96
AirBlast MaxiTramp 16FT550Round100
TrampX SuperTramp 16FT600Round108
FunAir Pro 16FT450Round88
JumpAir MaxiTramp 16FT500Round96
BounceMaster SuperTramp 16FT550Round104
AirZone Elite 16FT600Round112
BounceX Pro 16FT450Round92
TrampBlast Ultra 16FT500Round88

Final Verdicts:

In final verdicts, I would say that trampolines are great fun and a source of spending quality time with your loved ones. If you are looking for a large trampoline that has a length of 16 feet, you should choose it carefully otherwise it will not be worth your money.

Moreover, you should consider a few things before you have one such as design, durability, material, features, and disadvantages as well. You can choose from the above-discussed trampolines as well. Best of Luck For Your Best 16ft Trampoline!

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