10 Best 10 ft Trampolines for 2023

I’ve noticed that most homeowners are now looking for the best 10 ft trampolines. The main reason I found was the know-how about the benefits kids can get by just trampolining which is so nice to see.

Trampolines play an important role in entertaining safely with your family and friends. Trampolines are not fun just for kids but for adults as well.

For your safety and trampoline protection, trampolines come with age limits and weight limits too which you should consider when looking for the best 10 ft trampolines

If you have a large family or you want to install your trampoline outdoors then you may go for the large trampoline of 10 ft. However, people get confused about which trampoline brand they should choose or which will be affordable or worthy for them.

And that is why, to make it easier for you, in this article, I’ve reviewed different trampoline brands with their features, dimensions, model, and most importantly their pros and cons that come in 10ft sizes. Just stick to this article till the end.

Let’s get into the details!

So, how should you use a 10 ft Trampoline? 

If you ask me, then I would say that it’s not a tough task to use a 10 ft trampoline because there are just some fundamental things that you need to take care of. 

  • Before using this trampoline, make sure the weight load on it because it should not be overweight than the recommended weight limit. 
  • It is recommended that a kid or user should use the trampoline at one time. 
  • Do not put objects while jumping on the trampoline plus remove all the objects under it. 
  • Do not wear shoes, socks, or any kind of jewelry
  • Clean the trampoline before you use it.

Benefits of using the Best 10 ft Trampoline:

As I said above, trampolines are not just for fun, they can be used for fitness and athletes purposes too. There are several benefits of a 10 ft trampoline such as you get enough jumping space, quality parts, a handsome quantity of springs, a large trampoline, and an ideal one for your backyard or outdoors with enough space.

Now let’s jump on the reviews for best 10 ft trampolines:

What is the Best 10 ft trampoline recommended in 2023?

The best 10 ft trampoline recommended in 2023 is JUMPZYLLA Trampoline which comes in 10 ft size and beautiful color combination.

  1. Doufit Trampoline – Best 10ft Trampoline
  2. Exacme Trampoline – Cheap 10ft Trampolines with Enclosure
  3. Lejump Trampoline – 10 foot Trampoline with Enclosure
  4. Skywalker Trampoline – 10 foot Trampoline
  5. SereneLife Trampoline – 10ft Trampoline with Enclosure and Ladder
  6. ORCC Trampoline – 10ft Trampoline with Net
  7. Exacme Trampoline – Cheap 10 foot Trampoline
  8. AMGYM Trampoline – Runner Up
  9. JINS&VICO Trampoline – Runner Up

Best 10 ft Trampolines | Comparison Table

TrampolinesWeight Limits
JUMPZYLLA Trampoline330 lbs
Doufit Trampoline425 lbs
Exacme Trampoline335 lbs
Lejump Trampoline330 lbs
Skywalker Trampoline175 lbs
SereneLife Trampoline352 lbs
ORCC Trampoline220 lbs
Exacme Trampoline375 lbs
AMGYM Trampoline330 lbs
JINS&VICO Trampoline330 lbs

JUMPZYLLA Trampoline – Best 10 ft Trampoline

My first reviewed trampoline is from JUMPZYLLA. When you are looking for a trampoline, consider its quality and do not focus on its cost. JUMPZYLLA trampolines concentrate on three things such as quality, safety, and fun.

They offer an enclosure net, high-density jumping mat, waterproof spring, a ladder, and many more. This trampoline comes with a length of 10 ft which means a sufficient bouncing surface and I found so many reviews online which is a good sign.

Some hidden details

According to my research, this 10 ft trampoline is quite enough for a great jumping experience as many users are happy with this trampoline. JUMPZYLLA also ensures the durability of the trampoline and offers 4 W-legs to make it more stable.

Safety of my loved ones

By looking at its pictures, I can say that for ensuring the safety of your loved ones, JUMPZYLLA provides an enclosure net that does not allow your kids to fall out of the trampoline. The entrance is secured with a double zipper and buckle lock.

Ladder steps are made of plastic for getting on and off easily and curved poles to shield your kids from injuries. The weight limit recommended is 113 pounds and the maximum weight it can afford is 330 pounds which I found during my research. 

Some other details

If we talked about other details, then I got the weight of the trampoline which is 113 pounds and available in four color combinations with a round shape. You would get a jumping area of 10 feet and the name of the model is AWD-R10FT.

The bounce quality

I found out that it has 64 rust-free springs to enhance its bouncing quality and it is effortless to install it through videos and manuals that come with the package. 

Size8 to 14 FT
Max weight330 Pounds
Spring count64
Item weight113 Pounds


  1. Steel and foam are used for making it.
  2. For stability, 4 legs are there. 
  3. The frame is manufactured with rust-free steel.
  4. For protecting the frame from rust, the legs are powder coated.
  5. For stability, waterproof thick foam is utilized.
  6. A ladder of plastic is there.
  7. Offers 64 rust-resistance and galvanized are used.
  8. High density bouncing mat.
  9. UV-resistance and waterproof enclosure net are there.

Other Features:

  • For protection, curved poles are there.
  • 14 mm foam is inside the waterproof springs.
  • An enclosure net with high density.
  • Double zipper buckle lock.
  • Provides premium springs.
  • Luxury ladder.
  • Afford good weight capacity.
  • Good bouncing quality.
  • Approved by ASTM.
  • Comes with a ladder.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Installation videos and manual.
  • Quick delivery service.
  • It can’t be installed indoors due to its large size.

Doufit Trampoline – Best 10ft Trampoline

In the second position, I’ve put Doufit 10 feet trampoline because when it comes to the quality, the Doufit 10 feet trampoline can be your first choice with enough bouncing space, weight limit, and good quality.

is it ASTM Approved

This model of Doufit trampoline is ASTM approved with its 10 ft length. You would be surprised to know that package includes two pairs of gloves, wind stakes, a rust-free frame, and soft sleeve joints. Also according to my research, it comes with a supportive weight limit and warranty by the manufacturer which is good know. 

Enclosure net?

According to the reviews, I read online many customers say that when it comes to safety then Doufit offers the enclosure net which is covered with soft foam sleeves which do not allow your kids to hit directly to the pipe. To avoid falling out of the trampoline, PVC spring pads are installed. And yeah, this trampoline can handle the weight limit of 375 pounds which is a good weight capacity.

Should we talk about its Design?

Well, this trampoline of Doufit is designed in a round shape and black color with yellow outlines. It provides enough jumping surface of 10 ft and is also tested for its durability and meets all the standards of ASTM which I already mentioned. 

Is it bouncy?

Some users say that it has a good bouncing quality with 54 rust-free springs and it is easy to assemble through the instructions that come with the package.

Size8 To 15 FT
MaterialGalvanized steel
Max weight425 Pounds
Spring count96
Item weightN/A


  1. Well, steel is used in manufacturing.
  2. Frame’s steel is 1.4 mm thicker and galvanized with the coating of hard-wearing zinc and undergoes a three-layer of rust-proof.
  3. Offers 6 strengthened frame joints and wind stakes for stability.
  4. 54 rust-resistance springs are there.
  5. An enclosure net is installed for safety.

Other Features:

  • A galvanized frame with 3 layers.
  • Offers two glove pairs.
  • For safety, soft foam sleeves are there.
  • Offers 6 U-shaped bigfoot pipes.
  • Offers a good weight capacity.
  • A reasonable cost.
  • Gives warranty.
  • Parts are replaceable.
  • It can’t be installed indoors.

Exacme Trampoline – Cheap 10ft Trampolines with Enclosure

In the third position, If you want a 10 feet rectangular trampoline with the best quality then Exacme trampolines can be an ideal choice for you.

A rectangular trampoline?

Large trampolines are best for your backyard if you have a small or large one. This model of Exacme trampoline offers a good weight capacity along with other interesting and impressive features. 

Is it safe to use

Everything can be enjoyed until it is not risky for the users. The same case is with the trampolines as well but Exacme trampolines take special care of the safety of your loved ones. It offers a cover of springs for avoiding injuries by hitting the springs. All the net poles are padded with black foam tubes for preventing accidents. The weight limit of 132 pounds can be exceeded to 398 pounds. 

A unique design?

This Exacme trampoline is one of the most classic and rectangular trampolines in lime color. It has really secure poles and a safety net though you can’t use it with a basketball hoop because there is no place to hang the hoop.

Some hidden details?

After vast research, I found out that It offers 64 pieces of springs which play a vital role in enhancing its jumping quality plus you would need 2 to 3 persons for installing it through instructions.

Size10 FT
Max weight335 Pounds
Spring count64
Item weight137 Pounds


  1. Heavy-duty hot-dip galvanized steel frame with a height of 2.2 and the frame’s tube is 1.5 in diameter.
  2. Polypropylene jumping mat with a diameter of 8.6.
  3. 64 springs are there with a length of 5.5 which are rust-free.
  4. There is also a cover with each spring to fill the gap between the mat and enclosure net.
  5. Each pole comes with two quick clamps for protecting the trampoline’s leg. 
  6. Each pole is 1.1 in diameter with 8 pieces.
  7. PVC top and PE bottom spring cover.
  8. 4 pieces of W-shaped legs.

Other Features

  • Provides a ladder for easy access.
  • Offers basketball hoops.
  • It has spring’s cover.
  • Comes with W-shaped legs.
  • Has TUV safety certification.
  • Supports good weight limit.
  • Affordable.
  • Stable and durable.
  • Provides warranty.
  • Offers return policy within 30 days.
  • Provides manual or instruction.
  • It is not suitable for adults.
  • Only one kid can use this at one time.
  • You can’t play basketball.

Lejump Trampoline – 10 foot Trampoline with Enclosure

Lejump Pumpkin trampoline is my fourth reviewed trampoline that comes in 10 ft size, plus it is a recreational trampoline which means you can also enjoy this trampoline with your kids. Additionally, it is also durable and stable along with its high-quality material.

I’ve never heard about Lejump trampoline?

You may never heard about Lejumps but it is one of the best-reviewed trampolines online. For a great jumping exposure, you require a large-sized trampoline with enough space to jump, and Lejump trampoline comes with a 10 feet length. This trampoline comes with a steel frame, leg tubes, springs, safety pads, enclosure net, high jumping mat, and a good weight limit.

Safety and weight limits

It is essential to consider all the safety features before you choose a trampoline. Lejump Pumpkin trampoline keeps in mind the safety of your kids and offers a ladder for easy access plus uses rust-free material and durable parts such as a jumping mat and frame. It also can support the weight limit of 120 pounds. You need to keep this in mind so that you do not go overweight on this trampoline.

Its age limit

The kids who are 3 or 3 plus are allowed to use this trampoline. The diameter of the frame is 290 cm. So yeah I can recommend buying this trampoline for your backyard!

Size12 FT
Max weight330 Pounds
Spring count72
Item weight132 Pounds


  1. Foam and the steel are used in the manufacturing
  2. Anti-rust materials are used for their durability
  3. The frame is made with rust-resistant Alloy steel.
  4. For the trampoline jumping mat and enclosure net, durable material is utilized which makes it sturdy and robust. 
  5. This model offers 64 springs and they are galvanized. 
  6. In their package, they include a ladder to get on and off.

Other Features

  • Offers an extra thick jumping pad.
  • Fits properly.
  • Offers a gapfree seal. 
  • Eliminates the chances of injuries.
  • All parts can be separated easily.
  • It is waterproof.
  • Offers gloves and spring tools.
  • Affords a good weight limit.
  • Offers a double safety enclosure.
  • Comes with unique legs stability.
  • Offers customer care services.
  • Fastest delivery.
  • Sometimes, the springs make noise.

Skywalker Trampoline – 10 foot Trampoline

Now, here comes the most popular trampoline at 5th position. Skywalker is a trampoline is a 10 feet trampoline and it also comes with the reductive risk chances. It has exciting features which are safe and entertaining and this trampoline fits in your yard easily and nicely.

About trampoline model

My research says that this model of Skywalker comes with a durable steel frame that is gauged and it has top-line safety features. You would get T-sockets with each frame joint and galvanized springs. These gauge springs allow kids to jump smoothly and high on the trampoline.

The only reason to put this trampoline in 5th position is because of its design which is not good as the above trampolines.

What about comfort and safety

Comfort and safety while using a trampoline contribute to a great jumping experience. Skywalker trampoline has a no-gap enclosure system in which a safety net is directly linked to the jumping mat for not to allow your kids to get caught in the springs. So safety-wise you can count on this trampoline.

If we talk about the bounce quality then I must say that It has a great bouncing quality with its 64 galvanized springs and it is easy to assemble it. Also, the Skywalker trampoline claims a warranty of three years for the frame and one year for all the accessories and that is why most users buy this trampoline.

BrandSkywalker Trampolines
Size10 Ft
MaterialPolypropylene, Steel
Max weight175 Pounds
Spring count64
Item weight96 Pounds


  1. Foam and steel are used in manufacturing.
  2. It is made of polyvinyl chloride. 
  3. For adding more stability, poles are foam-padded.
  4. Each pole is angled on the top to keep it away from the net.
  5. A rust-resistant steel frame is there.
  6. Tightly coiled 64 springs are there.
  7. The spring pad is vinyl coated.

Other Features

  • Gapless enclosure.
  • Convenient and easy to fit.
  • Durable frame of steel.
  • Superior springs.
  • Quality spring pad.
  • Welded T-sockets with each frame joint.
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to install
  • Lifts good weight limit
  • Do not offer a ladder.
  • Do not provide manual or guide book.
  • Not the best design.

Things to consider before buying the Best 10 ft Trampoline:

Yeah the most important part, my experience says that if you are buying a trampoline and you are spending a handsome amount of money then you should consider a few things before you purchase one.

It should be stylish:

When you look for a trampoline, it must be stylish and colorful because it is going to attract everyone towards it. 

It has to be comfortable

For me, your comfort level at using something matters a lot that’s why if you are going to buy a trampoline, ensure that it makes you comfortable. 

It should have a strong frame

A strong trampoline can go along with you for a long time. That’s why it is important to ensure and consider its stability. A strong trampoline always comes with galvanized steel frame.

It should meet your weight requirements

Trampolines are available in a wide range of weight limits and it’s all up to you for whom you are buying a trampoline whether it is for adults or for kids.

Consider the shape you want

It is not really a tough task to choose a trampoline shape however some trampolines are for gymnasts and some are for ordinary individuals. This is the reason that considering the 10 ft trampoline’s shape is essential before you make up your mind of purchasing it.

Size and space of trampolines:

Well, that is the thing you already considered as you’re looking for the best 10 ft trampoline. You would have a great bouncing experience and that is why it is important to consider the size and space of a 10 ft trampoline before you buy it. Size and space also play an important role in protecting your kids and adults. 

Durability for extreme performance:

The durability of a 10 ft trampoline matters a lot because you can have quality time for a long time. A durable trampoline made up of galvanized steel can withstand damage or pressure and this is the reason that you should consider the durability for extreme performance before you select one.  

Should have good bounce quality:

There are some trampolines that offer a high bouncing experience, however, can be dangerous for a normal person because high jumping trampolines are used by gymnasts and trainers. If you are looking for one then consider the quality (galvanized steel) and quantity (more than 64) of the springs as well.

Other trampoline safety features:

When you buy entertaining equipment for your family, their safety comes first. When you seek a high-quality 10 feet trampoline, do consider all the essential safety features such as a gapless enclosure net, a good quality safety net, springs, and ladder, etc before you purchase one.

The pros and cons of buying the best 10 feet trampoline:

Actually, I would say that trampolines can be used for fun or for other interesting and adventurous purposes as well. When you get a trampoline with a length of 10 feet then the pros and cons of this trampoline come along with it.

Pros of 10ft trampolines:

  1. Enough jumping space.
  2. Outdoor trampoline.
  3. Best gift for kids.
  4. Quality accessories.
  5. High-quality bouncing.
  6. A good weight limit.
  7. Safe jumping.

Cons of 10ft trampolines:

  1. Limited users.
  2. Cant be installed indoors.
  3. Not recommended for adults.
  4. Sometimes charges a little more.
  5. Requires 2 to 3 people for assembling. 
  6. You have to buy a ladder yourself because some brands do not offer one.

List Brands Of The Best 10 feet Trampoline 

After my research, I found that there are lots of brands that offer a jumping space of 10 feet and enough weight limits. The quality of a trampoline matters a lot besides its features and you would find some best 10 feet trampoline brands with their quality ensured such as;

  1. Jumpzylla Trampolines.
  2. Doufit Trampoline.
  3. Skywalker Trampolines.
  4. Upper Bounce Trampolines.
  5. ACON Trampoline.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can adults jump on a 10ft trampoline?

Adults can jump on a 10ft trampoline but it depends on the weight capacity of a trampoline and whether it can afford adults’ weight or not. Depending on the weight, a single adult can use a 10 feet trampoline however it is more suitable for kids.

Is a 10 ft trampoline big enough?

If you are looking for a large trampoline for your kids plus you have a small backyard then the 10 feet trampoline will be a perfect choice and size for you.

What is the weight limit on a 10ft trampoline?

The weight limit for a 10 feet trampoline is between 75 to 120 kg and it also depends on the brand plus the material used in the production.

What happens if you go over the weight limit on a trampoline?

If you go over the weight limit, the jumping mat can be damaged and it’s not just safe for you and for the trampoline’s life as well. The springs will be over-extended and there will be bigger holes in the frame.

Why are trampoline weight limits so low?

Because the springs take the majority of the weight when someone bounces. The quality material of the jumping mat and the frame’s material.

What is the most popular trampoline size?

The most popular size is 8 feet among all the trampoline sizes which are available in the market ranging from toddlers to adults.

Other Models that We Didn’t Added to the List

If none of the included Trampoline got your interest, then we’ve compiled a list of all trampoline models that we chose during our research!

Trampoline NameWeight Limit (lbs)Frame Size (ft)Spring Count
JumpKing Elite Oval Trampoline25010 x 1572
Acon Air 3.7 Trampoline8001096
JumpSport 10×17 StagedBounce Trampoline24510 x 17108
Vuly Thunder Trampoline3301064
AlleyOOP 10×17 VariableBounce Trampoline80010 x 17112
Springfree 10ft Trampoline2201072
Berg Elite+ InGround Trampoline3301096
Upper Bounce 10ft Trampoline3301064
SkyBound Atmos Trampoline3301072
Variflex 10ft Trampoline2001056
Springfree Compact Round Trampoline2201048
Vuly Ultra Trampoline3301064
AirZone 10ft Trampoline2001056
AlleyOOP PowerBounce Trampoline3501096
Upper Bounce Easy Assemble Spacious Trampoline3301064
JumpKing 10ft Outdoor Trampoline2001056
Acon Air 4.3 Trampoline80010140
JumpSport StagedBounce Trampoline2451080
Vuly Lift 2.0 Trampoline3301064
AlleyOOP DoubleBounce Trampoline3501096
Springfree Square Trampoline2201080
Berg Favorit InGround Trampoline3301064
Skywalker Summit 10ft Trampoline2001064
Variflex 10ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure2001056
Vuly Lift Pro Trampoline3301064
AirZone 10ft Trampoline with Enclosure2001056
Upper Bounce Spacious Rectangular Trampoline3301064
JumpKing 10ft Bazoongi Trampoline2001056
Acon Air 4.6 Trampoline80010140
JumpSport Elite StagedBounce Trampoline2451096
Vuly Thunder Pro Trampoline3301080
AlleyOOP PowerBounce DoubleBounce Trampoline35010112
Springfree Oval Trampoline2201080
Berg Champion InGround Trampoline3301080
Skywalker Square Trampoline2001080
Variflex 10ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure and Ladder2001056
Vuly Thunder Pro Trampoline3301080
AirZone 10ft Trampoline with Enclosure and Ladder2001056
Upper Bounce Spacious Rectangular Trampoline3301064
JumpKing 10ft Bazoongi Trampoline2001056
Acon Air 4.6 Trampoline80010140
JumpSport Elite StagedBounce Trampoline2451096
Vuly Thunder Pro Trampoline3301080
AlleyOOP PowerBounce DoubleBounce Trampoline35010112
Springfree Oval Trampoline2201080
Berg Champion InGround Trampoline3301080
Skywalker Square Trampoline2001080
Variflex 10ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure and Ladder2001056
Vuly Thunder Pro Trampoline3301080
AirZone 10ft Trampoline with Enclosure and Ladder2001056
Upper Bounce Spacious Rectangular Trampoline3301064
JumpKing 10ft Bazoongi Trampoline2001056
Acon Air 4.6 Trampoline80010140
JumpSport Elite StagedBounce Trampoline2451096
Vuly Thunder Pro Trampoline3301080
AlleyOOP PowerBounce DoubleBounce Trampoline35010112
Springfree Oval Trampoline2201080
Berg Champion InGround Trampoline3301080
Skywalker Square Trampoline2001080
Variflex 10ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure and Ladder2001056
Vuly Thunder Pro Trampoline3301080
AirZone 10ft Trampoline with Enclosure and Ladder2001056
Upper Bounce Spacious Rectangular Trampoline3301064
JumpKing 10ft Bazoongi Trampoline2001056
Acon Air 4.6 Trampoline80010140
JumpSport Elite StagedBounce Trampoline2451096


If you are interested in purchasing the best 10 ft trampoline then now you don’t need to research a lot regarding all the trampolines available in the market with distinctive features.

Because I hope and I’m sure at the same time that you will be able to find the best 10 ft trampoline for your backyard with help of this reviewed article.

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